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TTU K-12 Portal - Coordinator FAQs

Much of this page has been updated following the recent system update. Please read carefully.

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How do I access the TTU K-12 Portal?

Open a Web browser and navigate to https://portal.ttuk12.ttu.edu
From the login screen as shown below enter your username and password and click "Log in."


After successfully logging into the portal, you will be taken to your Dashboard. The Dashboard is your starting point into viewing student counts, students, student contact information, student's gradebook, final course grades, your profile, and contacting TTU K-12.

coordinator dashboard

How do I view my active students?

There are several ways to view all of your currently active or past students:

From the Coordinator Dashboard screen, click on "View Details" within the Students widget, or from the left-hand menu, click on "Students" to view more details.

coordinator dashboard menu

Next, you will see the student names and email addresses appear on the grid. From the same page, you can use the buttons on the grid to "View Student Info".

coordinator students

Once you click on the "View Student Info" button from the "Students" page, additional student-related information will appear on the following page including the student's name, student's matriculation number, birthdate, contact information, authorized users, enrollment history including course name, enrollment status, enrollment dates, completion dates, expiration dates, dropped dates, and Final Course grades on the grid.

coordinator student info


If you want to see students in a specific course, you may select the "Courses" menu option on the left. If you manage more than one school you may select the specific school from the drop down menu. You will see a list of courses, the corresponding Schedule Number (you may use this number when corresponding with TTU K-12 regarding a specific Course Section), and the Active Enrollment Count.

coordinator courses

Course Section (Schedule Number)

If you click "View Students" you see the list of active students, their enrollment status and the Final Course Grade. Click on the View Details button to see specific information about the enrollment.

coordinator course section

Enrollment Details

When you click on "View Details" you will see information including course description, teacher name, enrollment and expiration date, and final course grade.

coordinator enrollment details

How do I access the grade book?

To access the grade book from the TTU K-12 Portal, go to the left-hand menu, and click on "Gradebook". This link will take you to the grade book screen that enables you to select the course name and whether you want to "Show Only Active Enrollments", so you must select "Yes" or "No". Click the "Search" button to view the grid that you requested.

coordinator gradebook

Gradebook Options

In the drop-down list box for Section, you will see all courses listed from your partnership. Please contact TTU K-12 for a list of currently active sections. Select the course you want to view. Select "Yes", if you want to see active enrollments in the course you have selected, or "No", if you want to see historical enrollment information.

Courses with a 4-digit code, such as (9494), indicate old course sections from the Moodle LMS. All of these sections will be closed out with no active enrollments. If you want to see "Active" enrollments, you must select an active course section.

Courses with a code, such as (INTL1656), indicate courses from the MoodleRooms LMS. MoodleRooms courses are being phased out. However, some of these courses may still have active enrollments. All new enrollments will be in the Blackboard LMS.

Courses with a 5-digit code, such as (86532), indicate courses from the the new Blackboard LMS.

Affiliation Option

If you represent multiple schools, this option allows you to select the specific school you want to review.


Below is an example of the results from the Gradebook that includes the student's matriculation number, student's name, along with the final Course Grades on the grid. You may export the student-related information to an Excel (.xls) format when you click on the "Export" button.

coordinator gradebook details

How do I reset my password on the TTU K-12 portal?

The user profile information is displayed by clicking on your name from the top right-hand menu. A drop-down listing appears, so select the "User Profile" to view portal information including the username, first name, middle name, last name, email address, and last login date/time. Click on the "Reset Password" button to change your password.

After you reset your password a dialog box will appear, and you will be asked to create and confirm your new password.

The rules for creating a new password are:

      • passwords must be at least 8 characters long,
      • must contain a mix of upper- and lower-case characters,
      • have at least 1 numeric character,
      • the numeric character must not be at the beginning or the end of the password.

The password change dialog will display a warning message in red until the typed in password meets all the requirements.

coordinator reset password

How do I contact TTU K-12 student services?

On the left-hand menu, click on "Contact TTU K-12" to view more details.

coordinator contact



How do I view my students in the LMS (Learning Management System)

If you need to check your student's progress or view their assignment grades, click the LMS button on the left menu option and you will be taken directly into Blackboard.

coordinator lms

Blackboard Home Page

Once you are in Blackboard you will click the Parent Dashboard link in the Tools Menu on the left side of the Blackboard Home Page.

blackboard home

Parent Dashboard

If you have multiple students you will see them listed by username, number of classes, and last system access. To observe a student click their username.

blackboard student list

If they have more than one course enrollment you will see them listed on the next page where you click the dropdown list and click Observe.

blackboard student courses

Course Home Page ->My Grades 

To view your student's assignment grades, click the "My Grades" link in the left menu option.

blackboard course home

You can view All, Graded, Upcoming, or Submitted assignments. You can also change the order in which they are viewed using the Order by dropdown menu.

blackboard gradebook

To observe another student, click the My Institution link on the top menu bar and you will be returned to the Blackboard Home Page. Click the Parent Dashboard to be taken back to your student list to select another student to observe.


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