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Note: All courses and most of our Credit by Exams will utilize an online proctoring service called Proctorio. Please learn more about online proctoring on our Proctorio Student FAQ page. In order for the online proctoring service to work correctly students MUST use the Google Chrome browser and install the Proctorio Extension. Instructions are available on the Proctorio Student FAQ page.

TTU K-12 strongly recommends the Google Chrome browser. Chromebooks and Chrome OS are not supported due to the use of Java in Blackboard.

To view the Blackboard Support article regarding browser compatibility. Although approved, not all browsers provide a quality user experience across all devices and platforms. Please use this Browser Checker to see if your system is compatible.

Safari for Windows is no longer supported by Apple and no longer offers Safari updates for Windows. Safari 5.1.7 for Windows was the last version made for Windows, and it is now outdated. Windows users should select another browser.

How do I access the New TTU K-12 Focus Portal?

The TTU K‑12 staff has been working hard during the last year to develop a new student information system to replace our current student/parent portal. The system will allow for more streamlined enrollments, course changes and access to downloadable grade reports, among its many useful functions.

Current or returning students

For current or former students,you will log into the Portal as you have in the past. However, when you log in, you will see a message on how to log into the new system. You will be required to use the temporary password provided to you, and you will be required to change your password in the new system.

focus old portal

Students who are new to TTU K12 will go directly to the new TTU K-12 Focus Portal.

Open a Web browser and navigate to the TTU K-12 Focus Portal

From the login screen as shown below, enter your username and password and click "Log in".

focus portal

New Students

If you are new to TTU K-12 you will need to fill out our Intake Form to create an account. The intake form is used for all students regardless of the program the student intends to enroll in and does not guarantee admission to the Full-time Diploma Program. The Intake Form collects student information and demographic information required to establish a student record. Students will have an opportunity to change programs from within Focus if they desire.

If you are withdrawing from your local school district and want to become a Full-time Student at TTU K-12, there is a Full-time Student Application under Forms Summary in the Student Portal. There will be a $150.00 non-refundable Admission fee charged to apply to the Full-time Diploma Program.

Student Form Summary

Full-time Application 


After successfully logging into the portal, you will be taken to your Dashboard that shows My Active Courses. The dashboard is your starting point into managing your profile, accessing courses, reviewing the course catalog, utilizing forms & downloads, and contacting TTU K-12.


Student ID - Matriculation Number

If you need to contact TTU K-12 for any reason, you will be required to provide the Matriculation Number/Student ID displayed in the upper left corner of the page. Each user in our system is assigned a unique Matriculation Number for identification purposes and to enhance the security of your personal academic records.


Course Schedule

Students can see what courses they are currently taking by clicking on the Class Schedule menu on the left side. If you would like to view additional details for each course, please select "class schedule" which will provide information on current courses and teacher information. Meeting Days, Room, Term, Attended Hours, and Print Reauthorization are not currently used by TTU K-12 and can be ignored.


Blackboard Link

How do I access the course within the Learning Management System? To access the course in the Learning Management System, please click on "sign into Blackboard" on the portal page.

bb link


How do I find my Final Course Grade? There are two ways that the overall course grade may be viewed. You may either access the course grade on the portal page: Or by selecting "Grades". An list of completed courses with the option to print copies of the grade reports are available.



The fastest way to purchase a new course is to click on "Purchase and Pay" on the left-hand menu. From the "Purchase and Pay" page, you can click on any course or CBE you wish to take. From there, you will proceed to the shopping cart and navigate through the scheduling process.


Purchase & Pay

Students can purchase additional courses in the Purchase & Pay menu. This menu opens the Focus Catalog where students can search or filter courses they want to purchase.



In the catalog you can search or filter to only the courses you would like to see. Search by Keyword, Subject, Course Name, Course Type, and Delivery Method. Once you have searched or filtered for the course you want to purchase, Add to Cart, and then click Checkout.


Checkout Detail

Some courses may have additional items available for purchase such as Optional Print Materials.



To access a specific form within the Focus Portal, go to the left-hand menu and expand "Forms" or "Forms Summary." The selections may include:

  • Student Accommodation Request Form,
  • Change Notification Form
  • Request an Extension Form,
  • Withdrawal Request Form.

After clicking the desired form, you will be automatically directed to a different page, so you can view more details.


Biographic Information

The Texas Education Agency requires that TTU K-12 collect and report basic demographic information of our students.

What biographic and contact information is displayed via My Profile on the TTU K-12 portal? Biographic information is displayed to you by clicking on "My Information" on the left-hand menu. The "My Information" displays contact information such as home address, business address, and other address with corresponding phone numbers and email addresses. Contacts or Authorized users, who can view your profile can be displayed here under "Linked Users", or you may request an authorized user by clicking on the "New Contact" button and entering the required information.



Users have 5 attempts to login before their account becomes locked. If your account gets locked out, please wait 2 hours before trying again.

If you cannot remember your password, you can use the Forgot Password link on the main Login screen. You will be prompted to enter the email address on your account in order to receive the Password Reset Email.

forgot password

How do I reset my password on the TTU K-12 portal? The user preferences information is displayed by clicking on the left hand menu. Across the top, several menus will display – Display Options, Password and Notifications. To change your password, please select "password" You will then be asked for the "current password" and then enter the new password. Once you have entered the new information, please click "save".

The rules for creating a new password are:

  • passwords must be at least 9 characters long,
  • must contain a mix of upper- and lower-case characters,
  • have at least 1 numeric character,
  • have at least 1 special character.

The password change dialog will display a Valid Password message when the typed  password meets all the requirements.




In Blackboard, you will know when all requirements are met when the Final Exam appears on the Final Exam page as in the screenshots below. NOTE: Teachers are allowed two business days to grade assignments. Please allow two business days after you submit your last assignment before accessing your Final Exam. All assignments must be submitted AND graded before the link to the final exam will become available.

Final Exam Requirements

Final Exam


How do I contact TTU K-12 student services if I need help?

TTU K-12 has worked to improve our ability to provide a streamlined, efficient and consistent process for providing enhanced support services for our students and parents.

We have a self-help student services portal that includes FAQs and a live chat feature. To utilize the new TTU K-12 student services portal, please go to: studentservices.k12.ttu.edu. You can also reach the call center by dialing (800) 692-6877.

Security of student data and information is a priority for Texas Tech University, and we have enhanced our ability to protect all student and parent information. When you call the TTU K-12 call center, you will be asked to provide your Matriculation Number/Student ID. This number can be found in the upper left hand corner of the screen after you log into the TTU K-12 Portal and click the My Information button in the left menu.

student faq support 

We look forward to continuing to serve your educational needs and we will update you as we make changes to processes to better enhance the services we provide. We will be working to continuously enhance our services in a manner that protects your confidential data and information. If you have any questions or comments about this change please feel free to reach out to TTU K-12 at ttuk12@ttu.edu.

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