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TTU K-12 Portal - Teacher FAQs

[Important Notice:] All enrollments purchased AFTER September 1, 2019, will not require students to file a Final Exam Request or provide Proctor information to take their exams. All of our courses will utilize an online proctoring service called Proctorio. Please learn more about online proctoring on our Proctorio Student FAQ page. Any course that was enrolled in BEFORE September 1, 2019 will still require the student to request the Final Exam once ALL assignments have been submitted AND graded using the current Portal Final Exam Request Form. In order for the online proctoring service to work correctly students MUST use the Google Chrome browser and install the Proctorio Extension. Instructions are available on the Proctorio Student FAQ page.

We highly recommend students take advantage of the online proctoring system because students and parents will no longer have to locate a proctor on their own, no more extra fees to the proctor, no more additional fees for retakes, students can take an exam at home at any time as long as all assignments have been submitted AND graded. It is fully integrated into Blackboard and is available 24/7.


How do I access the TTU K-12 Portal?

The new TTU K-12 Portal is a single-sign-on system. You will be able to access your courses in the LMS directly from the Portal. Please log into the LMS using the "Go To Course" button (see instructions below). Do not log directly into the LMS login screen.

Open a Web browser and navigate to the TTU K-12 Portal.
From the login screen as shown below, enter your username and password and click "Log in".


After successfully logging into the portal, you will be taken to your dashboard. The dashboard is your starting point into managing students, your profile, and accessing courses.


How do I view my active courses?

There are two ways to view your active courses:

1. From the Dashboard screen, click on "View Details" within the active courses widget.

teacher dashboard details

2. On the left-hand menu, expand "View Courses" by clicking and selecting "Active" to view the active courses, otherwise, you may click and select "Inactive" to view such courses. 

***The "Active" course list will have enrollments from the Blackboard LMS.

***The "Inactive" course list formerly displayed enrollments from the Moodle or MoodleRooms LMS. Moodle and MoodleRooms have now been phased out and will not receive any new enrollments moving forward.

teacher dashboard courses

From the "My Active Courses" page, you can use the buttons on the grid to either 1) View Enrollments for the course, or 2) Go to the course within the Learning Management System.

teacher dashboard active

How do I view my active students?

The fastest way to view all your active students is to click on "View Details" within the Active Enrollments widget on the Dashboard.

teacher dashboard enrollments

The second way to view active students is to click on "View Students" on the left-hand menu, fill out the search criteria and click "Search" to submit the request.

teacher dashboard students

From the "All Students" page, you can use the buttons on the grid to either 1) Grade the student, or 2) View the student's information.

teacher dashboard all students

How do I find a specific student?

The fastest way to find a specific student is to use the "Student Search" box located at the top of the left-hand menu. You can enter first name, last name, or student ID into the box and click the search icon.

teacher dashboard search

The "Student Search Results" screen allows you to use the buttons on the grid to 1) Grade the student, or 2) View the student's information. You may also use the filter to narrow your search results.

teacher dashboard search results

How do I certify the final grade for a student?

[NEW] Previously, teachers used the "Awaiting Certification List" on the left-hand menu of your screen. This list has been removed because it is no longer necessary. Teachers relied on the grade download to bring Lesson Averages and Final Exam grades from Blackboard into the portal to certify. Due to system delays and other technical difficulties we will no longer be using the grade download. Instead, as soon as a teacher grades a Final Exam, the Final Course Grade column in the grade book will be populated with a numerical grade. The teacher can immediately take that grade to the Portal and certify it without waiting up to 48 hours for the grade download to bring the grades into the Portal. Teachers are now provided a grade drop-down to select the numerical grade that matches what is in Blackboard.

Teachers can select a student they need to certify from the student list or by using the Student Search and Filter boxes. Clicking on the "Grade Student" button will go to the Grade Certification screen to certify the student's Final Course Grade.

The teacher will verify the Final Course Grade matches what is in the Blackboard grade book, select the numerical grade from the drop-down, check the "I certify the final grade as submitted through this form," and enter any relevant administrative comments in the "Comments" text-box before clicking "Save". These optional messages are not visible to the student and should only contain administrative messages. Example: Notes on why a student received a grade override, or if there was plagiarism, etc.

Below are screenshots of the Blackboard grade book and the Portal Grade Certification pages.

Reminder: If the Final Exam Grade is failing, it becomes the Final Course Grade.

[IMPORTANT NOTE] When an enrollment is certified as failing, students are allowed to request a re-take. After a student requests a retake, the enrollment will appear back in the grade book and could be mistakenly certified again before the student could complete the re-take (Set B Final Exam). To prevent this, teachers should keep a list of all students who they have certified and cross-check this list before certifying failing grades (the list should include student name, course, final course grade, and date of certification). If the student appears on this list as having been previously certified the teacher should wait until the student completes the Set B Final Exam before certifying again.  

Blackboard Grade Center

teacher dashboard grade student

Finally, a message appears that indicates the student's enrollment is marked as complete and the final grade will appear on the student's record.

teacher dashboard grade message

If a teacher needs to double-check a previously-certified enrollment, search for the student and review the completed enrollment. If a change is necessary, please contact TTU K-12.


How do I access the course within the Learning Management System?

To access a course from with the TTU K-12 Portal, go to your active course list and on the grid, you will find a button next to the course named "Go To Course". This button will appear next to courses that are in an online Learning Management System (LMS) such as Blackboard, MoodleRooms, or Moodle. Clicking this button will automatically log you into the LMS where you can access the course. The new Portal is a single-sign-on system. You will be able to access your courses regardless of which LMS they are currently in. Please log into the LMS using the "Go To Course" button. Do not log directly into the LMS login screen.

teacher dashboard go to course

How do I change my biographical information displayed to students?

Biographical information displayed to students can be updated by clicking on "Manage Info" on the left-hand menu. The "Bio" tab allows you to build your profile information with a photo and adding a biography. If you answer "Yes" to "Publish Info on Web", then your photo and biography will be visible to students and other TTU K-12 portal users. Click the "Save" button to save any changes to the "Bio" tab.

teacher dashboard manage info

How do I view the employee internal notes that are displayed to the staff?

Internal employee information is notated and displayed to the staff by clicking on "Manage Info" on the left-hand menu. The "Employee" tab shows teacher availability comments, office hours, and best times and ways to communicate with the instructor. Click on the "Save" button to update any changes to your employee information on the TTU K-12 portal.

teacher dashboard manage info 2

How do I reset my password on the TTU K-12 portal?

The user profile information is displayed by clicking on your name from the top right-hand menu. A drop-down listing appears, so select the "User Profile" to view portal information including the username, first name, middle name, last name, email address, and last login date/time. Click on the "Reset Password" button to change your password.

After you reset your password a dialog box will appear, and you will be asked to create and confirm your new password.

The rules for creating a new password are:

      • passwords must be at least 8 characters long,
      • must contain a mix of upper- and lower-case characters,
      • have at least 1 numeric character,
      • the numeric character must not be at the beginning or the end of the password.

The password change dialog will display a warning message in red until the typed in password meets all the requirements.

teacher dashboard profile

 How do I contact TTU K-12 student services?

On the left-hand menu, click on "Contact TTU K-12" to view more details.

teacher dashboard contact


NEW Auto-graded Final Exams

NOTE: Some courses have auto-graded final exams. If a teacher has one of those courses, we have provided special instructions about how to identify when a student completes their final exam so the enrollment can be certified. These instructions are also included in the Blackboard Teacher Success Toolkit Area.

Inside Blackboard, click on the Full Grade Center on the Course Control Panel link to see Smart Views.

  • Failing Lesson Average -- This provides a view of all students that currently have a failing average for their Lesson Total Grade.
  • Final Exams -- This view will show you a list of your students that have completed a final exam (Set A and/or Set B). This is the view that you should use to see final exams that have been completed.
  • Pass the Course -- This view shows all students that made a passing grade on their final exam (set A or B) along with all assignments.
  • Last Access column -- Click the header on this column to sort the exams by date. You may have to click the header box a 2nd time to sort again so that it shows the latest dates for final exams at the top of the list.


Course Grade

Once you see that a student has completed a final exam that needs to be certified, you may then go back to Full Grade Center > find the student > scroll over to the far right side > make note of the Course Grade. This is the grade that you will select and certify in the Portal for the student. 


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