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Who to ask for letters of recommendation:

Many students start the reference seeking process by asking, "Would you write me a letter of recommendation?" However, the best question to ask is, "Do you feel you know my work well enough to write me a good letter of recommendation?" Framing the question relieves you of embarrassment and of a lukewarm letter. By asking the question this way, you'll be certain that only professors who are enthusiastic about your work will write letters for you.

How to ask for letters of recommendation:

  • Cultivate at least four potential letter writers – start early!!
  • Know that your professors expect to be asked – it is part of our job
  • Make an appointment and ask in person – follow up in writing
  • Ask those professionals who know you best – not just the big names
  • Be polite
  • Accept a "no" answer
  • Give them lots of time to write
  • Do not be afraid to remind them of application deadlines

Provide your Recommenders with:

  • A description of the scholarship criteria
  • A copy of your CV or Resume
  • A draft of your personal statement*
  • A list of the classes, assignments, grades you received from recommender
  • An explanation of why you want them to write and what aspects you hope they will address
  • A 'brag sheet' listing all your accomplishments – professional and personal

If you are applying to more than one:

Scholarship Chart Coming Soon!