Texas Tech University


Successful applicants map out a timeline to graduation to think about the classes and extracurricular activities they need/want and figure out when they fit. Here is a helpful guide:

Freshman Year

  • Map out a timeline to graduation. Think about the classes and extracurricular activities you need/want and figure out when they fit. Remember to have FUN while you work.
  • Investigate interesting, well-taught courses, including upper-division, and find out when they are offered.
  • Get to know your advisor, professors, others across campus.
  • Seek out a mentor.
  • Actively seek out opportunities to talk with your mentor, faculty, and others about academic, career, social interests and ideas.
  • Try out different clubs and organizations on campus. See Campus Life for opportunities. 
  • Find out about research and/or independent study possibilities.
  • Investigate awards given to graduating seniors and figure out which one(s) you want.
  • Contact the NISF Office to talk about external scholarships and other award opportunities.

Sophomore Year

  • Continue to take challenging and interesting classes. Try to take small research-focused seminars and/or those offering unique opportunities.
  • Complete lower-division requirements and start taking upper-division classes.
  • Engage in research.
  • Develop a sense of those extra-curricular and community activities in which you are most interested.
  • Study Abroad: start planning now for a trip in your Junior/Senior year.
  • Apply for external awards for Junior year (Udall, Goldwater).
  • Apply for relevant study abroad awards.

Junior Year

  • Start developing a major research project (like an Honors Thesis).
  • Run for a leadership position within your extra-curricular organization.
  • Join professional organizations related to you field.
  • Study Abroad.
  • Take upper-division classes.
  • Talk to the NISF Advisor about external scholarships and awards available after your Senior year. (Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Truman, Peace Corps, Huntington).

Senior Year

  • Most major post-graduate scholarships and fellowships are due early in the fall semester.