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Space Utilization Reports

Why SUE Matters To You!

Reports: (access requires Advisor level access)

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The Space Usage Efficiency (SUE) scores are measurements used by the THECB for all institutions. SUE scores (combined or individually for Classrooms (110s) and Class Laboratories (210s)):

  • Are used as a global assessment mechanism for new construction proposals.
  • Contribute to the scoring criteria for Tuition Revenue Bond (TRB) requests.
  • May positively influence and indirectly impact other state funding models by providing a method for evaluating effective and efficient space maximization.
  • Indicate space need at multiple levels when scores at the room, building, or campus level exceed standards.

The President has charged the Office of the Registrar and Operations Division with improving institutional SUE scores. Both offices work closely together to take measures to address factors affecting SUE scores.

Three primary factors affect the institution's SUE score:

  1. Utilization Rate: This is an effective measure to identify the actual use of the individual rooms. The current utilization guideline is minimum 38.0 hours per week (HPW) for classrooms and 25.0 hours per week (HPW) for class laboratories.
  2. Average Percent Fill: The actual section enrollment compared to the capacity of the physical space. The current minimum average percent fill guidelines is 65% for classrooms and 75% for laboratories.
  3. Demand: The total hours for all classroom-type activities compared to the total number of classrooms. Demand helps to account for total academic load, including those activities taking place outside of classrooms (110s) and class laboratories (210s).