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Project Management and Closeout

Sponsored Project Lifecycle

Accounting Services (AS) oversees a portion of fiscal services offered within the Administration & Finance (A&F) division of Texas Tech University (TTU) under the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for A&F, Noel Sloan.

AS supports the research mission of TTU by providing training and education, financial administration, compliance, and other research support services to faculty and staff. AS is responsible for the post-award administration and oversight of the university's sponsored projects and provides the following resources:

  • Roles & Responsibilities - A breakdown of the responsibilities of ORS, the PI, the department, college, Office of Research & Innovation and Accounting Services.
  • Regulatory Guidance - Sponsored projects consist of various funding instruments that accomplish different goals and are subject to different federal regulations.
  • Accounting Setup & Budget Modifications - Once TTU executes an award agreement, Accounting Services assigns a project grant ID and fund-organization-program (FOP) in the TTU accounting system.
  • Allowable Expenses & Types of Costs - Each cost charged to a sponsored project should be allowable, reasonable, allocable and consistent. If an expense does not meet one of these standards, it should not be charged to the project.
  • Cost Transfers - It is the policy of Texas Tech University that costs be charged to the appropriate sponsored project when first incurred. However, there are circumstances in which it may be necessary and appropriate to transfer expenditures to, from, or among sponsored projects subsequent to the initial recording of the charge.
  • Service Centers - A service center is an operating unit at Texas Tech University (TTU) providing goods or services to one or more university departments.
  • Cost Sharing - Cost share (also known as match) refers to all contributions that Texas Tech University makes to a sponsored project. In other words, this is the portion of the project that is not borne by the sponsor.
  • Effort Reporting - Effort Reporting is TTU's means of providing assurance to sponsors that salaries charged to sponsored projects are reasonable in relation to the work performed, and faculty and staff have met their commitments to sponsored projects.
  • Billing, Reporting & Accounts Receivable - Accounting Services (AS) is responsible for managing billing and accounts receivable for sponsored projects in accordance with TTU OP 65.15 Accounts Receivable on Sponsored Projects.
  • Project Closeout & Record Retention - Beginning 90 days prior to a project end date, principal investigators and department administrators receive automated notifications that projects are ending. At this time, the PI should notify Accounting Services (AS) and the Office of Research Services of any intent to request a no-cost extension.
  • Audits & Institutional Reports - Texas Tech University engages the Texas State Auditor's Office to conduct the annual statewide single audit in accordance with 2 CFR Part 200, Subpart F, Audit Requirements. 
  • Institutional Resources & Training - There are several resources available for both PIs and department administrators.
  • Raider Research University - A training program geared toward department administrators but may be useful to anyone managing sponsored projects.
  • For more information on post-award services or institutional accounting and reporting, please visit the Accounting Services website or contact your post-award Grant Specialist.

    For more information on the research process at Texas Tech, please see the Guide to Research prepared by the Office of Research & Innovation.

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