Texas Tech University

Internal Review & Approvals

In addition to ORS review and approval, colleges and schools have different requirements for approval. The requirements are listed below.

Signature Requirements

Dean's approval is always required from these colleges and schools on the Internal Routing sheet, whether or not any cost sharing commitment is made.

  • College of Architecture
  • College of Education
  • Honors College
  • College of Human Sciences
  • College of Media and Communication
  • School of Law

Dean's approval is only required from these colleges on the Internal Routing sheet if cost sharing commitments are made.

  • College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Rawls College of Business
  • Whitacre College of Engineering
  • College of Visual and Performing Arts

Have questions about a step in this process? Find your Pre-Award and Post-Award contacts. 

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