Texas Tech University

About ORS

Office Functions

The Office of Research Services (ORS) is a part of the OR&I, and provides proposal services. Responsibilities include:

  • Training faculty and staff to access and use local and agency-provided on-line program information
  • Responding to faculty requests for specific information
  • Assisting with budget preparation and completion of assurances and other forms
  • Ensuring that agency and university requirements are met
  • Submitting electronic proposals
  • Maintaining files of active proposals and awards
  • Providing regular reports to the Board of Regents, Vice Presidents, Deans and other administrators concerning proposal and award activity
  • Responding to requests for information or special reports
  • Negotiation of the business aspects of grants and contracts on behalf of the university
  • Reviewing all award documents prior to acceptance by the university
  • Processing all awards for acceptance
  • Assisting and advising principal investigators, project directors and project staff

Office of Research Services