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Students in the Texas Tech University High School program come from different backgrounds, but all share the common goal of pursuing academic success. The Texas Tech University High School diploma program offers a state-accredited alternative to students who need or desire the flexibility of distance education to complete their course work and earn their high school diploma.

Full-Time Program Overview

  • We offer all of the courses necessary for students to meet the requirements to complete a Texas high school graduation plan.
  • In addition to completing coursework, students must pass the appropriate state-required graduation assessments (TAKS or STAAR/EOC), which is determined by the year the student entered ninth grade.
  • A student is awarded a Texas high school diploma once all graduation criteria are met.
    • Students can graduate from TTU K-12 at any time throughout the year. Each spring, a graduation ceremony is hosted on the Texas Tech campus to honor that school year's graduates.

Full-Time Program Information

Student Handbook

  • Most courses require students to purchase textbooks or other required materials at an additional cost.
  • Credit by Exams are available to full-time TTU K-12 students with certain restrictions. Students interested in taking a CBE should contact their advisor to discuss the TTU K-12 and Texas state policies regarding the exams.
  • Students must obtain at least 2.5 credits through TTU K-12 coursework to graduate from the full-time program. The last 2.5 credits must also be earned via TTU K-12 courses rather than through Credit-by-Exams or dual-credit courses.
  • Full-time enrollment status is maintained through a student's academic progress (one lesson per week) in a minimum of four courses.

Graduation Plans

HB 5 Personal Graduation Plan

House Bill 5 (HB 5), passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature and signed by the governor, provides for a new set of graduation plans for Texas students. These graduation plans consist of a Foundation Graduation Plan for every Texas student and five endorsements from which students may choose, depending on their interests.


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