Texas Tech University

Advising for Visiting (Transient) Students

Why Am I Here?

Texas Tech recognizes that not all students want to enroll full-time. Many just want to take a few classes here and there, and some are working on prerequisites while applying for professional schools. Undergraduate applicants who want to attend Texas Tech University on a temporary basis (such as summer sessions) and who are not seeking a degree can engage with Texas Tech as visiting students.

Below you will find information pertaining to visiting student status at Texas Tech. Please read over carefully so you can make an informed decision about whether visiting student status is appropriate for you. If it is what you need, you'll find all the relevant steps and information listed below, as well as frequent questions and contact information. Additionally, to the right you'll find a link to our visiting student advising form.

If you get through our page and still don't have questions answered, let us know! You can email us at advising@ttu.edu or call us at 806-742-2189.

Visiting students are not seeking a degree of any kind, only academic credit for particular courses and on a temporary basis. International students applying for undergraduate visiting admission must be concurrently enrolled in an accredited U.S. institution. Per Texas Tech Operating Policy 34.01, visiting students are those who are not seeking a degree from Texas Tech University, but who wish to take classes here. Examples of students considered visiting students include:

  • High school students wishing to enroll for dual credit courses.
  • Students who have already been awarded an undergraduate degree and wish to take additional courses without pursuing another degree.
  • Students who attend another college or university as full-time students in good standing and intend to return to that college.
  • Working professionals in the community (with or without an undergraduate degree) who wish to improve their skills and earn academic credit.