Engineering Access

Engineering Access Logo
Look for this logo for your access to engineering buildings, rooms, printers, and software.

What is Engineering Access?

Engineering access is:

  • Building Access
  • Computer Lab Printing
    Print with your RaiderCard in general access computer labs
  • Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab
    Use engineering software from your home or anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Common Area Kiosk Printing***Coming Soon***

Building Access (Outside Doors)


Facility Unrestricted Access / Unlocked Restricted Access /
Access allowed with RaiderCard
    Faculty & Staff Students
Exterior Doors Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
24/7 24/7
* Only graduate students have access to these on home football game days
Computer Labs Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
24/7 24/7
Specialized Labs As posted at lab 24/7 As posted at lab

Outside Door Locations:

  • Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering East Lobby Entrance
  • Electrical Engineering Archway Outside Door
  • Electrical Engineering North Entrance by Tau Beta Pi Courtyard
  • Engineering Center Main Entrance
  • Engineering Center/Computer Science Elevator Entrance
  • Livermore Center East Entrance
  • Industrial Engineering Archway Entrances
  • Mechanical Engineering Northwest Entrance
    (Near Advising Office and Elevator)
  • Petroleum Engineering East Entrance

Computer Labs and Specialized Labs

Door Schedules:

Computer Lab Door Locations:

  • CECE 218
  • CECE 220
  • ME 151
  • PE 118
  • PE 119

Specialized Lab Door Locations:

  • CEET 219
  • CEET 224
  • ECE 126

Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab

Engineering students with Internet access can use specialized engineering software from any location through the Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab, a part of the Cloud Computing Initiative. Visit the Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab page for a listing of available software and access information.