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Student Athlete
Jacob Patterson is a senior in Electrical Engineering that manages to combine a successful career as a student athlete with the rigors of a challenging engineering curriculum. As a student athlete he scored 4-0 in wins for his team so far during the 2017 baseball season when he was pitching. Like in Baseball, Jacob also excels in his academic work by maintaining an above average GPA.



IEEE Region 5 Conference
Our ECE students won three awards at this conference sweeping all awards for the IEEE Region 5 west region paper contest placing 3rd, 2nd, and 1st.

Jason Mamed, Kevin Galvan
Paper Topic: Piano Robot - Automated playing of a piano keyboard from pre-programed files and files automatically generated from pre-recorded MIDI files.

Elizabeth Stoneham, Fawaz Iqbal, Fernando Salcedo, Nathan Neff
Paper Topic: Microgrid Power System - Demonstration of multi-source power generation from wind and solar sources combined and applied to a common variable load.

Zack Fleenor
Paper Topic: Truffle Tracker - "Fit-Bit for dogs"... a multi sensor tracking device to assist in the relationship with service animals.