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With advances in technology, the face of education is changing. The classroom can now extend beyond its physical boundaries, presenting a whole new world of education for students. The Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering at Texas Tech University is taking the initiative in bringing these changes to our students with the highest possible quality, and we are dedicated to being a leader in distance learning. Using the latest multi-media technologies, combined with the Internet, the Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering Distance Learning Program brings the classroom to you. We provide quality educational opportunities to students with a variety of needs and backgrounds. Rather than relocating to a university or college campus, our students can now participate in their virtual classrooms from a more convenient location and still receive a high quality, accredited education.

The Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering Distance Learning Program currently offers educational opportunities to students and professionals interested in pursuing graduate coursework in engineering. Our  program makes it possible for engineers or science professionals to earn degrees in:

Doctor of Philosophy in Systems and Engineering Management

Master of Science in Systems and Engineering Management

Master of Science in Software Engineering

Master of Engineering

Master of Mechanical Engineering

Master of Industrial Engineering

Master of Civil Engineering (Coming Soon)


What We Offer.

Companies employing engineers recognize that an educated, well-trained workforce is imperative to competing in modern markets that require high-quality goods and services with very short time-to-market development. The dilemma this situation poses is how can employees upgrade their educations without losing the time it takes to return to college?

Our Distance Learning Program is designed to meet the needs of both practicing engineers and industry. Students enrolled in the program can earn a degree by participating in classes through the use of an Internet connection. This approach allows our students to manage career and family commitments while earning graduate credentials and upgrading their engineering skills. Location changes do not pose a problem for students in our program because it is offered via distance education. Students who move, or are transferred, can continue work toward completion of their degrees.

Please take a moment to look around our site, and see how you and your career can benefit from earning a degree through the Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering Distance Learning Program at Texas Tech University. The program overview will give you more details about how everything works together, and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Contact Information for Distance Learning Office:

Main Phone #:  (806) 742-3451


Amy Donnerberg, Program Manager


Brent Guinn, Senior Director



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Due to problems caused by spam filters, we may not be receiving all email sent to us. If we have not responded within two to three business days, please resend your email or give us a call at 806.742.3451 or 1.800.528.5583.