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July 2016

Get to Know Your Ambassador: Robin Duffee

by Lindsay Robles

Robin Duffee
Communication Studies, Senior
Hometown: Cedar Park, Texas

Robin Duffee
Robin Duffee

How did you become an ambassador for the College of Media & Communication?
I became an ambassador when one of my favorite professors told me about the opportunity and encouraged me to apply. I was definitely nervous, but I was so passionate about my major and I wanted to do anything I could to help spread the word about all the wonderful programs CoMC has to offer! When I came to Tech, I had no idea what I wanted to major in or what career I wanted to pursue. It was daunting to start a brand new chapter of my life and feel aimless. During orientation, I flipped through my gigantic course catalogue, browsing for courses that sounded interesting to me. I was drawn to courses like nonverbal communication, intercultural communication, and persuasion and social movements. So, I chose communication studies for a major. As soon as I talked to Judy Poffenbarger, the COMS advisor here at Tech, I knew I had made the right choice. I felt like I happened to find this major that was so engaging and enriching somewhat by luck, and so I was excited for the opportunity to help others find their way to COMS and the CoMC, too.

What do you like best about the College of Media & Communication?
I love that the College of Media & Communication is such an encouraging and supportive community. Students, professors, and staff all look out for each other and support other's success. CoMC has so many opportunities for students to get involved and start engaging with their passions. There are plenty of CoMC student organizations and programs; anyone can find a place here. I also love how excited CoMC professors are to help students. I know a ton of my professors have had open door policies, and you can come in at any time if you want to talk about things you are learning in class or brainstorm for an upcoming project, essay or exam. CoMC has truly become a home for me here at Texas Tech, and I know it can be for you, too.

What has your experience been like being an ambassador?
I have truly loved being an ambassador. I love getting to talk to prospective students and their families about my experiences here at Tech and CoMC. I have gotten to work scholarship events, college fairs, and alumni events. I also get to do fun things for current students. For example, this year in February the ambassadors got to pass out candy and Valentines from CoMC to current students. From working big events to creating small and kind gestures, I love making an impact and giving back to CoMC any way that I can.

What are your future career goals?
As for my career goals, I have not yet chosen a path I want to follow. I am considering a career in real estate, recruitment, or possibly sales and marketing. I am confident that the skills I have gained during my time here at CoMC will help me succeed in any career I end up choosing. I have pursued two internships with the AroundCampus group, a marketing company focused on campus communities. Last year, I was a sales representative in the Lubbock area. This year I have been promoted to an area sales manager, and I have the opportunity to work with a different team every day on 16 campuses in Oklahoma and Texas. I am really enjoying the challenge of managing, and I am grateful for the chance to travel and get to know so many towns across Texas and Oklahoma!

What is your advice for prospective students?
My advice for incoming students would be to get involved! There are so many different kinds of people who come to Tech from around the world. Seeing thousands of people with diverse backgrounds, interests and personalities coming together for the common goal of gaining knowledge is a beautiful thing to behold. I would encourage prospective students to start engaging in that learning culture in whatever ways bring you joy. The College of Media & Communication specifically has so many different clubs and activities, and they are a great way to make connections and friends with similar interests and goals. Jump right in and take advantage of some of the amazing opportunities CoMC has to offer!

Oh, and don't forget to bring some extension cords when you move into your residence hall!

A short list of advice from someone who has been there:

  • Use the rec! There are fun ways to get some exercise there like swimming, zumba, boxing, rock climbing, racquetball and more!
  • Make friends with your neighbors in the residence hall. It is fun to see a friendly face around the halls.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to study and cram for a test. I know you will anyway, but you can't say I didn't warn you.
  • Don't leave all of your winter clothes at home and plan to get them at Thanksgiving break, TRUST ME. It gets cold way before Thanksgiving break. Learn from my mistake, and you won't be shivering in a tiny sweatshirt for a month.
  • The library has group project rooms that you can reserve to work on things as a group in your own separate room with a big table and white board. I didn't learn about those until the end of my sophomore year, and I wish I had known about them sooner!
  • Have fun and soak it all in while you can! I can't believe I am a senior. It really will fly by. So take the time to enjoy every second.


Student Spotlight: Jakob Jackson

COMS, Graduated Senior

by Lindsay Robles

Jakob Jackson from Quitman, Texas, found his way to Lubbock through a scholarship he received.

“It was really the people that made me stay here. They are so welcoming and nice,” Jackson said.

He started his college career with the intent of being a doctor. While in pre-med biology with a minor in chemistry, Jackson discovered that he always loved public speaking. Learning rhetoric and western thought with Green, Ph.D., Jackson worked on an epistemology paper unearthing how we came to know what we know today. 

“I just like to think and challenge what we know,” Jackson said.

Through experiences like these, Jackson said he discovered his true passion: becoming a pastor. Hoping to use the ways of communication to reach out to people and share these passions, Jackson transferred in to the College of Media & Communication.

While still a student at Texas Tech, Jackson participated in organizations on campus such as intramurals and even volunteered off campus at the Wesley Foundation. The Wesley Foundation soon became his home and before long Jackson found a way to incorporate his passions into his career. As a communication studies major in the CoMC, Jackson was able to count the hours volunteering at the Wesley Foundation as an internship for course credit.

Jackson's advice for incoming students is to enjoy the experience.

“Always go to class. Classes become so much easier that way,” he said. “Attempt to learn rather than just get a grade. The classes I loved the most were the harder ones where I learned the most.”


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