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December 2013

Professor Spotlight: Melanie Sarge, Ph.D.
By Haley Ostrander, photos by David Vaughn

Melanie Sarge, Ph.D.

Melanie Sarge, Ph.D.

Learning from a teacher who is passionate about what they do is important for a student's future success. Students don't have to look far here at the College of Media & Communication, where they will find Melanie Sarge, Ph.D.

"I just love the positive energy around here. The students are always engaged and it is really what drives me," said Sarge.

Sarge attended the University of Kentucky, where she received her bachelor's degree in communications with a specialization in interpersonal and organizational communication. She then went on to work for a public relations agency for about six months. She eventually went back to school at Ohio State University where she received her master's degree and then her doctorate.

Sarge currently teaches advertising theory and advertising campaigns.

"I love teaching campaigns because I kind of just guide everyone along because they have all the information from the other classes," Sarge said.

Not only does she love her students, but she also loves her colleagues.

"The teachers and faculty I work with just make my job wonderful. They are doing such interesting work that creates a collaborative nature. We also give each other new strategies for teaching so we can teach the students to the best of our abilities," Sarge said.

When asked what advice Sarge would give to potential students she said, "Always keep your eyes open to new opportunities. College is an environment that you will never be around again. Enjoy it."

Haley Ostrander is a junior advertising major from Sugar Land, Texas. David Vaughn is a senior university studies major from Spur, Texas, and works as a photographer for the college's marketing department.


Intern Spotlight: Danielle Hutson
By Haley Ostrander, photos by David Vaughn

Having an internship during college is very beneficial. Internships provide real world experience and reveal interests in that particular industry. Danielle Hutson, a senior electronic media and communication major with a minor in anthropology, has taken advantage of these benefits through her internship at KTTZ-TV this past semester.

Hutson worked as a marketing and production intern. When she started, she learned a lot about promotions. She got the opportunity to work with Adobe Creative Suite, creating simple graphics for the company. She then transitioned to working more with the production aspect. She went on shoots for the show, "Inside Texas Tech." She also came up with her own story and filmed for that as well. She said she enjoyed every minute of it.

Danielle Hutson

Danielle Hutson

"I wish I would have gotten an internship earlier. I have learned so much and gotten so much experience. The benefits I have gotten are endless," Hutson said.

Her teacher for the video and production class she had this fall is also the production manager for KTTZ-TV.

"It's by far my favorite class, and with my teacher working at my internship, it has created a really cool dynamic," Hutson said.

When asked what her dream job was, she said she wants to make movie trailers like Cameron Diaz in the movie, "The Holiday".

"I love movie trailers. I could sit around all day long and watch them. They are almost like short movies," Hutson said.

With her minor in anthropology, she also has an interest in being a freelancer or working for a big company like National Geographic or the Travel Channel.

The knowledge she gained from the internship really helped find her passions in her field of study. She said this college has also prepared her in all aspects of communication. With her degree, internship, and valuable experience received along the way, she is ready for whatever life brings her.

"I'm excited to see what my future holds and to explore all my opportunities I will have after graduation!" Hutson said.


Haley Ostrander is a junior advertising major from Sugar Land, Texas. David Vaughn is a senior university studies major from Spur, Texas, and works as a photographer for the college's marketing department.


Career Development Conference
video by Ben Jarvis and Blake Silverthorn

The 2014 College of Media & Communication Career Development Conference is Tues., Jan. 7, 2014 from 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., with optional networking from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

For more information, visit www.ttucareersdallas.com/


Ben Jarvis is a senior media strategies major. He is currently president of the College of Media & Communication Dean's Student Council and TASEM and works as a videographer for the college's marketing department. Blake Silverthorn is a sophomore electronic media & communications major from Plano, Texas.


Get To Know Your Ambassador: Candace Trevino

Candace Trevino

Candace Trevino

Candace Trevino is a public relations major from Houston, Texas.


What has been our favorite class you have taken here in the College of Media & Communication?

Online and Digital Public Relations. I have a very good professor and we get to talk about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a lot.


What else are you involved in?

I work at First Baptist Church in Lubbock and I am going to be interning with them soon.


What is a unique fact about you?

Growing up my parents made a bet, just for fun, they could not live without a television for a year. 28 years later, neither of them caved, so I grew up without a television.


What is your favorite Texas Tech tradition?

I love before the football games when the Masked Rider runs across the field. It gives me chills every time.


What is your favorite thing about Texas Tech University?

I just love the sense of community. Being from Houston, I am far away from home so I cannot go home as often. Living here though, I really have been able to find good friends and feel the sense of community which has become like a family to me.


What is your dream job?

To be a motivational speaker and travel the world.


What are you most excited about being an ambassador for the College of Media & Communication?

I'm excited to be an ambassador to give a face to the College of Media & Communication. I applied to and chose Tech without ever meeting a student or visiting the college. I feel like that would significantly help students make and feel comfortable with their decision to attend Tech and be enrolled.


What advice would you give to prospective students?

Pack your winter clothes in August! It gets entirely too cold entirely too quickly. Also, don't feel ashamed or awkward when asking questions in class. Chances are someone has the same question and they're secretly thanking you.


Major Spotlight: Journalism
by Allie Carlson, photos by David Vaughn

Journalism is an industry that constantly changes and adapts with the growth of society and technology. Here in the College of Media & Communication, the journalism department has undergone many recent changes and continues to develop with the growth of social media.

The journalism department joined with the electronic media and communication department just more than a year ago, allowing the two departments to merge. Todd Chambers, Ph.D., formerly the department chairperson for EMC, is now chair of both departments, and he continues to develop ideas to integrate the two areas, as they move into their second year together.

"We are training our students," Chambers said, "to be responsible, innovative storytellers."

With the growth of social media and its impact on the journalism industry, the college teaches its students to remain grounded in core morals that have been taught over decades. Students in the journalism department will take ethics courses, along with basic writing courses that emphasize these principles that shape a good writer.

"Our program here at Texas Tech," Chambers said, "is doing that responsible, innovative storytelling across multiple platforms, and we are also preparing them to communicate their stories to a global audience."

Storytelling by Smartphone

Storytelling by Smartphone

Chambers said the program at Texas Tech does a good job of teaching storytelling across multiple platforms. Students have technical skills allowing them to tell stories through social media, the Internet, radio, television, newspapers, etc. A new course offered in Spring 2014 Storytelling by Smartphone will teach students to creatively and effectively tell a story or share news through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

"One of the things that we are in the middle of is evaluating curriculum," Chambers said, "and part of that process is talking to the students to figure out what their interests are."

Chambers said he really enjoys getting to know the students in the program and likes hearing their input and ideas. Two student-run organizations going into their second year are the Double T Insider, and the Hub, which were both started by students who came to Chambers with an idea. The Double T Insider began with a student's desire to make a 30-minute segment on Texas Tech athletics.

These organizations, along with the many others the college has to offer, continue to grow as new students take on and develop what graduated students have left behind. Joining or simply volunteering, however students wish to get involved, is very beneficial in the industry. The opportunities in the college prepare students with hands-on experience in publishing, reporting, anchoring, and doing real-world, fast-paced work.

"Talking and interacting with students who are excited and passionate," Chambers said, "that's what makes this whole thing work. It means a lot to me to get to interact with them on a day-to-day basis."

Chambers said he has been hosting monthly brown-bag lunches for electronic media and communication and journalism majors to mingle, younger students to get advice from older students, and simply to have a place for them to gather and talk about ideas. Chambers said they have been successful, and he will continue to host these lunches, encouraging all students to get involved.

"Take advantage of every single moment of the day," Chambers said. "You get one trip around the block in college."

Chambers advises students to look appreciatively at every day and every class taken in a college career. No matter what the class, he encourages students to take the opportunity and learn.

"Focus on one thing in every class you take," Chambers said. "It may be a class that you are dreading, that you don't want to take, but look for that one thing in that class that you're going to be able to take away."


Allie Carlson is a junior public relations major from Austin, Texas. David Vaughn is a senior university studies major from Spur, Texas, and works as a photographer for the college's marketing department.



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