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April 2014

Intern Spotlight: Victoria Lee
by Allie Carlson, photo courtesy Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee and Morgan Billings

Victoria Lee (left) with Morgan Billings

Internships not only provide invaluable experiences for media and communication students, but also launch them into the professional world.

Victoria Lee, an advertising student from Highland Village, Texas, is wrapping up her senior year in Dallas with two internships. Lee works Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as an intern for the ad sales assistant at D Magazine for course credit, and she spends her Tuesdays and Thursdays working at Siemens PLM Software for the experience she gets there.

Lee said her dream is to end up in New York City. During the fall semester, Lee said she sent out 20 resumes to various advertising agencies in New York, and when she began to feel discouraged, she turned to Aleesa Ross, director of the college Career Center, who assisted her in applying for an internship at D Magazine.

"I was in panic mode," Lee said, "thinking I wouldn't be able to graduate, but it all worked out for the best."

Lee said she was initially disappointed to postpone her New York City dreams but being in Dallas is the perfect transition into the real world and provides great networking opportunities.

"The atmosphere at D Magazine is really cool," Lee said. "Every time I walk in I'm just in awe. It is so much fun working in this environment."

Lee said she has always wanted to work at an advertising agency, but seeing how a magazine gets put together has been a great learning experience as it is different from what she expected.

"Seeing how a magazine actually works is so interesting," Lee said, "especially learning how to keep up with clients who buy advertising; it shows how truly important client relationships are to a company."

Lee's internship responsibilities typically change from day-to-day, and Lee said she enjoys not knowing what the day will hold for her.

"I help my boss with what she does every day," Lee said. "But I have no idea what that will be when I go into work."

Lee said she spends time managing a directory of D Magazine advertisers, searches for new clients, writes thank-you notes and orders Tiff's Treats cookies for advertisers, and helps the marketing department with events.

Lee recently assisted the marketing department with "Best Nursing," a large Dallas event involving over 400 people, with another Texas Tech University student, Morgan Billings, who is an intern for D Magazine, as well.

With graduation around the corner, Lee still aspires to find success in New York. She says she feels more confident with these two internships providing her with experience in the industry, along with networking opportunities that will help her job search.

"Get as much internship experience under your belt as soon as possible," Lee advises. "If you have big dreams like me to work for an agency in New York, which is one of the most competitive cities for advertising in the world, the more experiences you have, the more opportunities you will find."

Allie Carlson is a junior public relations major from Austin, Texas. David Vaughn is a senior university studies major from Spur, Texas, and works as a photographer for the college's marketing department.


Professor Spotlight: Melissa Gotlieb, Ph.D.
by Allie Carlson, photo by David Vaughn

Advertising Professor Melissa Gotlieb, Ph.D., found her passion for research early on in her college career, which led to the opportunity to get her doctorate degree.

Gotlieb said she majored in psychology as an undergraduate student, and doing research in the psychology labs brought her into studying media effects.

Melissa Gotlieb, Ph.D.

Melissa Gotlieb, Ph.D.

"I knew it was something I really wanted to study," Gotlieb said, "so I went right into grad school, and got my master's and Ph.D."

Originally from the East Coast, Gotlieb grew up in Boston and in Florida, graduated from the University of Wisconsin, and moved to Lubbock, Texas, for a teaching job as an assistant professor in advertising.

"The program here fits exactly what I was looking for," Gotlieb said.

Gotlieb said she always knew she wanted to go into research and teach, as well.

"In college I had a strong passion for research which brought me to grad school and teaching, and then paid my way through grad school,” she said.

Gotlieb currently teaches Advertising and Society, which she said looks at the unintended effects of advertising, and Advertising Principles, teaching students how to create an advertisement, the goals of advertising, and how it affects people's lives.

She said she also instructs a graduate level course, Advertising and the Consumer, which looks at the relationship between consumers and branded products.

"I really like having the interaction with students," Gotlieb said. "I like getting a large lecture class of students to have a group discussion, become engaged with the material, and then have them share their own examples, make connections, and see them put the pieces together."

Gotlieb said she believes students should always come in with an open mind, even within their specific field of study. There are general stereotypes to every major, but there also are endless opportunities in every major within the College of Media & Communication.

"Any student, regardless of what his or her focus is, should come in with an open mind," Gotlieb said. "It's great to know what you want to do in advertising, but I think a lot of students start in the major having a very narrow definition of what that is and what they can do with it."

Allie Carlson is a junior public relations major from Austin, Texas. David Vaughn is a senior university studies major from Spur, Texas, and works as a photographer for the college's marketing department.


Get to Know Your Ambassador: Grace Acuna

Grace Acuna

Grace Acuna

Grace Acuna is a senior public relations major from Austin, Texas.

What do you love about being in the College of Media & Communication?

I really like all the resources we have here, like the career center and the open-door policy our professors have. I love all the different organizations we have within the college. For example, you can work on La Ventana, The Daily Toreador, Raidercomm, or even the Outpost. There are so many opportunities to apply what you learn in class.

What are you involved in within the college and on campus?

In the college, I have been involved with La Ventana, Tech PR and CoMC Ambassadors. On campus I am a part of the Catholic Student Association, Rho Lambda, Order of Omega, and I was an officer for two years in my sorority, Delta Gamma. Currently, I work as a media relations intern for the university's Office of Communications and Marketing.

What are your hobbies?

I really like writing, which is probably why I am in this college. I love to journal and blog. I also just enjoy hanging out with friends.

What do you enjoy most about being an ambassador?

I've really enjoyed being able to talk to prospective students and brag on my college. I have always said I think this college is top notch on campus. I think we have the best resources, so being able to brag on it to incoming students is a lot of fun. I also like when they ask questions because I feel like I can give them some guidance for when they come in the future.

What is your favorite Texas Tech University tradition?

I was a band nerd in high school, so I would have to say the Goin' Band. The beginning of the football games when they all march out playing the fight song. It just brings so much excitement.

What advice do you have for a prospective student?

Get involved really early. I came in with an internship my freshman year, and I think it was the best thing for me, because I knew exactly where I wanted to be. I came in thinking PR was a lot like journalism and quickly learned all the other aspects involved and was assured that I was where I needed to be. Having the real-world experience and building a resume early on is beneficial so you can figure out what you want to do and can start perfecting the skills to do what you love as soon as you can.

What is an interesting fact about you?

I was actually on the news when I was born. My dad was a reporter for KXAN in Austin. It must have been a slow news day, so they put him on air in the hospital. I guess I was destined for the newsroom.

What are your future career goals?

I would love to work at a PR firm in New York City, or my DREAM job is to be a producer on the Today Show, because I love morning news. I would also like to write a book that is a best seller.



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