Texas Tech University

M.Ed. in STEM

Program Description

The Texas Tech University STEM Program offers a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Emphasis in STEM Education. The program allows students to use research-based training of STEM Education to acquire community needs-based inquiry experiences and skills and engage in community needs-based intervention experiences.

Our Foundations

The Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction allows students to seek an advanced degree in a variety of specializations. The program focuses on curricular issues as a field of inquiry and develops strengths in the areas of understanding and addressing the complex and multiple questions that influence curriculum theory, design, development, delivery, assessment and evaluation.

How is our program different?

The Curriculum and Instruction Master of Education degree with emphasis in STEM Education is designed to meet the diverse needs of professional educators in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education. The program of studies provides in context theory to practice courses that provide the potential for immediate impact on master teacher classroom practice from accountability measures through the use of video capture, mentorship, teacher shaping with the use of rubrics, and job embedded professional learning communities.

Phase 1
In Phase One, students will implement a PBL project in context to content in action research leading to formal presentation.

Phase 2
In Phase Two, students will implement technology applications and assessments issues in PBL context in STEM Education in an action research leading to presentation and publication submission.

Phase 3
In Phase Three, students will implement best practices in assessment and/or curriculum in STEM Education in context to action research, organized into a formal presentation and/or submitted publication.

Degrees Offered

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction.

The STEM Master's specialization is offered fully online.

Career Opportunities With This Degree

A Master's in Curriculum and Instruction may prepare you to work as a teacher, trainer, or education researcher. The degree can also lead to work in academia, government, and business.

Application Materials

College Transcripts – Unofficial transcripts can be uploaded to the Graduate School School application. Information on submitting official transcripts will be provided to you by the Graduate School. Grade reports or unofficial transcripts from university web portals will not be accepted. Please redact the Social Security Number anywhere it appears on your transcript. If documents are written in a language other than English, a copy of a complete and official English translation must be provided with the original language records.

Application Process

Please visit the Graduate Application Process for more information on how to apply.

Semester in which the program can be started

Full admission to an emphasis cohort is awarded each fall. Students may be conditionally admitted in the spring or summer semesters.

Application is on a rolling basis. Contact Dr. Kristopher Childs for more information.

Estimated Hours to Completion

The program consists 36 hours of coursework.

Allowable Transfer Hours

With advisor approval, up to six graduate hours from another university may be transferred, as long as they fit into one of the degree requirements.

Financial Aid

Scholarships and assistantships for doctoral students are available through the office of graduate education and research in the College of Education.

Tuition & Fees

Visit the Student Business Services website to estimate your costs.


Brianna Sanchez
Academic Advisor

Dr. Shirley Matteson
Curriculum & Instruction Graduate Advisor