Texas Tech University

Arts & Humanities


Winners of the 10th Annual Arts & Humanities
Graduate Student Research Conference

Design Considerations

  • 1st Place - Rana Bazaid
     Presentation Title: "Applying the 14 Patterns of Biophilia to Explore the Correlation Between Aspects of Nature and ICU Nurse"
  • 2nd Place – Atina Kia
    Presentation Title: "Retirement Challenges with Modified Cohousing as a Solution"

Digital Communications

  • 1st Place – Meghalee Das
    Presentation Title: "Examining the Zoom Home Page as an Artifact of Global Technical Communication"
  • 2nd Place – Austin Shurtliff
    Presentation Title: "The Inktober Experience: Understanding motivations and gratifications from participating in one of the largest online art challenges"

Instruction & Learning

  • 1st Place - Mirai Nagasawa
    Presentation Title: " An Eye-Tracking Research Proposal"
  • 2nd Place - Joseph Martis
    Presentation Title: "Noticing the Frequently Ignored: Differences of attention to stimuli in people high in schizotypy and those who often experience altered states of consciousness."

Financial Concerns

  • 1st Place - Tiffany Murray
    Presentation Title: "Collegiate Financial Wellness: The Role of Financial Literacy"
  • 2nd Place - Gary Curnutt
    Presentation Title: "The Association of Working Conditions with Continued Post-Retirement Labor"


  • 1st Place - Jacqulyne Romero
    Presentation Title: "Poisoning our DNA"
  • 2nd Place - Megan Miner
    Presentation Title: "Creating Legends out of Murder: Memorializing Ethnically Mexican Victims of the American Lynch Mob"

Literary Analysis

  • 1st Place - Zachary Brandner
    Presentation Title: "Understanding Contemporary Yucatec Literature through a Local Lens"
  • 2nd Place – Bethany Pitchford
    Presentation Title: "Bibliotherapy, Byproducts, and Bluets: A Framing Analysis and Argument for the Potential Bibliotherapeutic Uses of Maggie Nelson's Bluets"

Political Issues

  • 1st Place - Kerry Chavez
    Presentation Title: "State-making versus State-breaking: From Monopoly on Violence to SALW Proliferation Out of Collapsed States"
  • 2nd Place – Pable Hernandez Borges
    Presentation Title: "The Long Wait for the Money: Effectiveness of International Organizations in Collecting Funds for Humanitarian Crisis"

Sociocultural Issues

  • 1st Place - Liz McNaughtan
    Presentation Title: "I and Love and You: A Reconsideration of Pronoun and Demonstrative Users in Sulpicia's Poetry"
  • 2nd Place – Julie Grandjean
    Presentation Title: "How they paid for their journalistic works?"

Visual & Performing Arts

  • 1st Place – William Sinclair
    Presentation Title: "What We Do Is Secret: Exploring Trauma in Blackheart's Ritual"

One-Act Play

  • 1st Place - Playwright: Bryce Real & Director: Alice Bryant
    Play Title: "The Slap"
  • 2nd Place – Playwright: Cory Lawson & Director: Garret Milton
    Play Title: - "The Con"


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