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Nancy J. Bell Graduate Faculty Excellence In Mentoring Award

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.

- Steven Spielberg

  • Mentoring is an important aspect of graduate education and most will agree that a successful faculty-graduate student mentoring relationship fosters student success. Providing support for graduate students through mentoring can assure that students are well trained in their disciplines, able to successfully complete their degrees, have appropriate development of professional skills, and have increased employment opportunities after graduation. Students who have mentors are more involved in their academic programs and the university, are more productive, and are generally more satisfied with their programs.
  • The Graduate School at Texas Tech University has created the Nancy J. Bell Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Award to recognize those mentors who have gone above and beyond in mentoring graduate students. This award was designed to allow graduate students and/or faculty to nominate Texas Tech University faculty mentors who they believe embody the spirit of a great mentor and have helped them on their educational journey. The winning faculty member will receive $1,000 to be utilized for travel or research purposes.

Congratulations to Dr. Yehia Mechref for being the 2019 Nancy. J Bell Graduate Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Award winner. Click here to read more about Dr. Mechref.

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Horn Professors Graduate Achievement Award

  • The Horn Professors Graduate Achievement Award has been established by the Paul Whitfield Horn Professors at Texas Tech University to recognize and reward outstanding research or creative activity performed by graduate students while at Texas Tech University.
  • Students may not apply directly for this award, but must be nominated by a graduate faculty member at Texas Tech. The nomination form is currently closed. The next nomination cycle will open in December 2019, with a February 14, 2020 deadline.
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Helen DeVitt Jones Excellence In Graduate Teaching Award

  • This award supports excellence in teaching awards administered by the Graduate School for graduate part-time instructors at Texas Tech University. This award recognizes outstanding scholarly activity and excellence in teaching and is awarded annually during the state-wide graduate student appreciation week. Each awardee receives a $1,000 honorarium before taxes and will be honored at a ceremony during the appreciation week.
  • Students may not apply directly for the award. They must be nominated by a graduate faculty member. Eligible nominees should be an outstanding teacher and have been a graduate part-time instructor during the academic year that they are being nominated to receive the award. Nominees should have at least 18 hours of graduate work in the field of teaching responsibility and who have full responsibility for the class or classes they teach. The nomination form is currently closed. The next nomination cycle will open in December 2019, with a February 15, 2020 deadline. 
2019 Awardees
  • Zachary Brander - Spanish
  • Maya Edwards - Romance Languages ~ Spanish
  • Eric Eidson - Theatre Arts
  • Danielle Gant - Accounting
  • Lindsey Hawkins - Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Suttirak Ladpum - Music Education
  • Vicente Iranzo - Spanish
  • Hanna Lee - Music Education 
  • Shauna Pickens - Music Education
  • Arturo Ramirez Martinez - Spanish
  • Shayna Tayloe - Fine Arts ~ Music
  • David Winograd - Counseling Psychology

Outstanding Thesis & Dissertation Awards

  • The Graduate School is pleased to announce these awards in recognition of the quality of theses and dissertations that our graduate students are producing. As our guide for the criteria and nomination cycle, we have adopted the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) outstanding dissertation award model. Our awards are monetary and the applicable dissertation award winner will also be nominated to CGS/ProQuest as part of their annual competition to recognize an outstanding dissertation representing original work that makes an unusually significant contribution to the discipline being considered that year. Awards will be given annually according to the research topic. During the during the odd years, biological life sciences and humanities/fine arts will be awarded; even years, social sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering will be awarded. The nomination cycle is currently open with a deadline of May 22, 2019.  
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From Here, It's Possible

These awards are designed to recognize and reward outstanding excellence and reseach of graduate students and faculty.