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ADM 1301 : Introduction to Apparel Design

Overview of apparel design room practices.
Emphasis on the business, art, and craft of apparel design.

ADM 1304 : Intermediate Clothing Construction

Prerequisite: ADM 1301 and 1303. Intermediate apparel assembly, alteration of commercial patterns, and selection of appropriate fabrics.

ADM 2308 : Flat Pattern Design

Prerequisite: ADM 1301, 1303. Application of basic flat pattern techniques to bodices, skirts, sleeves, neckline, and bodice-sleeve combinations.

ADM 2311 : Textiles

Prerequisite: ADM 1301 or 1303. Selection, use, and care of textiles in relation to fiber characteristics, yarn, and fabric structure.

ADM 3308 : Advanced Flat Pattern Design

Prerequisite: Apparel design and manufacturing core. Application of advanced flat patterning techniques in apparel design.

ADM 4000 : Individual Study

Prerequisite: Written consent of supervising faculty member prior to registration. Individual study or research under the guidance of a fashion design faculty member to enhance the degree program. May be repeated for up to 6 hours credit.

ADM 4309 : Surface Design

Prerequisite: Apparel design and manufacturing core and ART 2304. Exploration of textile dying, printing, and painting with emphasis on composition using varied media and materials.

ADM 4350 : Apparel Portfolio Development

Prerequisite: Apparel Design and Manufacturing core, and junior standing. Preparation of senior portfolio for internship and portfolio review. Emphasizes use of computers for layout and professionalism.

ADM 4390, 4391 : Internship in Apparel Design and Manufacturing

Prerequisite: A 2.0 cumulative GPA and a grade of C or higher in ADM 3303, 3305, 4389, 4307, 4309 or 3310, and 4310. Applied problems in apparel design emphasizing student participation in business and industry.

ADM 1303 : Clothing Construction

Application of basic apparel assembly methods, including the fundamentals of fit and use of home sewing machines and sergers.

ADM 2302 : Fashion Illustration

Prerequisite: ART 1302, 1303. Illustration techniques for the fashion figure and rendering of garment details using various media. Includes color theory applied to fashion drawing and portfolio development.

ADM 2310 : Design Through Draping

Prerequisite: ADM 2308. Introduction of the fundamental principles in developing basic silhouettes of skirts, blouses, bodices, and collars by draping techniques. Understanding of fabric characteristics and drapability and its affect on the development of silhouette and style.

ADM 3305 : Computer Applications in Apparel Design

Prerequisite: Apparel design and manufacturing core. Computer-aided design methods for product development, including design, illustration, specification, costing, patternmaking, and plotting. Use of CAD in portfolio development.

ADM 3312 : History and Philosophy of Dress

Prerequisite: Junior standing. Apparel throughout the ages as reflected in cultures of the past and as an influence on contemporary design. (Writing Intensive)

ADM 4307 : Apparel Manufacturing

Prerequisite: Apparel design and manufacturing core. Mass production strategies, including product development, sizing, grading, marking, costing, and manufacturing. Implementation of strategies for developing individual apparel collections.

ADM 4310 : Apparel Product Development

Prerequisite: Apparel design and manufacturing core, and junior standing. Research, planning, and development of an apparel collection for a target market, meeting relative workmanship, cost, and quality standards. May be repeated for up to 6 hours credit.

ADM 4389 : Professional Practices for Apparel Design and Manufacturing

Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in all apparel design and manufacturing courses and senior standing. Planning and implementing strategies necessary for securing career positions in fashion design. Senior day planning and fashion show production.

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