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New Raider Rooms

Over the summer, three rooms were renovated as new Raider Rooms for Fall 2017. Chemistry 049, Science 007, and Holden Hall 150 are our newest large lecture classrooms.

Currently, renovation is under way on 4 new Raider Rooms that will be available for use in Spring 2018. Electrical Engineering 118, Goddard Range and Wildlife Management 203, Holden Hall 226, and Classical and Modern Languages and Literature 001 will be our newest Raider Rooms.

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Technology Tip: Interactive Monitors

Many of our Raider Rooms have touchscreen monitors and styluses for instructors to utilize during their lectures. There are a variety of programs in which this feature can be used, such as Open Sankoré. For more information about using interactive monitors in Raider Rooms, click here.

Raider Room Lost and Found

Leave a book or a flash drive behind in a Raider Room? Check with us! We might have found it during our weekly room checks. To learn more, click here.

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