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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Complete the online application. There is not a deadline to apply but space is limited to 100 students so early application is encouraged.

How does the application process work?

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Space will be limited to the first 100 qualified students. At this time, only full-time Texas Tech students in good standing (students with a 2.0 cumulative Texas Tech GPA or greater) will be considered.

How soon will I know if I have been accepted?

Applications will be reviewed as they are received and students will be notified within a few weeks of submitting their application.

Is there an advantage to applying early?

Since space is limited; students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Is there still a chance of admission if I apply late?

Applications will be accepted up until the first day of class and/or until all available slots have been filled. If you are a Texas Tech student in good standing but there are no available openings, you will be put on a "wait list" and will be considered if a space opens up before the first day of class.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is approximately $5,081 for a Texas resident. This estimate is based on the Texas Tech Tuition Calculator estimator and is subject to change.

When is tuition due?

95% payment of mandatory tuition and fees or enrollment in a payment plan is due by May 30 for Summer I. Registrations after this date require immediate payment or enrollment in a payment plan.

Will my financial aid apply toward this certificate program?


Will there be homework?

Homework and projects will be assigned at the discretion of the professor. Expectations will be outlined in each course syllabus.

What is the difference between a certificate in business and a minor?

The difference is in the number of hours, types of courses taken and the length of time to complete one versus the other. However, both a certificate and a minor will appear on a student's transcript.

Will this certificate appear on my official Texas Tech transcript?

Upon successful completion of the program, the certificate will appear on the student's transcript.

What if I do not complete all the coursework?

A student must successfully complete the required coursework in order to earn the certificate. Given the intensive nature of the program, coursework must be completed during the summer.

Does the program span both summer sessions?

The program will run from June 5-August 8.

Can I take some courses this summer, then the rest in another semester?

No, once you begin the program, you must complete the program. If you drop the program, you will have to reapply to program at a later date.

Can I complete the certificate online?

Yes, the Summer 2020 program will be offered fully online. 

Can I take the courses as a transient student or TTU employee?

You must be a degree seeking student in order to be admitted into the program.


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