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The Rawls College of Business Career Management Center (CMC) strives to empower our students to achieve the highest levels of success possible. We have compiled a wealth of information to guide those who need our assistance. Our assortment of events and workshops ensures that our students have access to the necessary preparation and skills development to flourish in the recruitment process. We make every effort to provide Rawls students with the tools they will need in all stages of their career.


Prep. Connect. Get Hired. Succeed.

Prep - Begin your career by building and designing your resume, crafting an effective cover letter, and participating in mock interviews with trained career professionals.

Connect - Interact with successful alumni and industry leaders by participating in career workshops, utilizing the HireRawls database and attending networking events.

Get Hired - Obtain your dream job by speaking with companies who specifically hire and recruit Rawls graduates.

Succeed- Learn the skills necessary to thrive in all aspects of your career search, and learn what to expect in your first year on the job.

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Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday
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