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Funding Your Ph.D.


Typically, two or three assistantships in each area become available for new students each year.  Assistantships are generally available to doctoral students in good academic standing for a period of four years. Continuation of the assistantship during the four-year period is contingent upon the student making satisfactory progress toward his/her degree. Assistantships are currently $22,725 per year for half-time service (20 hours a week).

Award of an assistantship allows the student to be classified as "in-state" and waives certain fees bringing the tuition and fees for Ph.D. students on assistantship to about $600 per semester for nine credit hours.

Doctoral Scholarships

At the recommendation of the respective area and subject to approval by the Rawls College of Business, doctoral scholarships are awarded to outstanding incoming and continuing doctoral students.

There are also a number of other university-wide awards, fellowships, scholarships and financial aid administered through the Texas Tech University Graduate School. Visit the Graduate School website for more information.

Travel Stipends/ Research Grants

The Rawls College of Business provides $40,000 per year to support Ph.D. student travel (for example, to attend academic conferences) and another $25,000 a year in grants to support research. Ph.D. students can also apply for travel funds through the Graduate School.

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