Texas Tech University

Area of Energy, Economics and Law - Faculty and Staff

Energy Commerce

Name Department
Estes, Kellie Estes, Kellie Center for Energy Commerce
Ewing, Bradley, Ph.D. Ewing, Bradley, Ph.D. Energy Commerce
Frisbie, Charles, M.Ed. Frisbie, Charles, M.Ed. Energy Commerce
Kantelis, Nikki Kantelis, Nikki Energy Commerce
McInturff, Terry, J.D. McInturff, Terry, J.D. Energy Commerce
McInturff, Russell, J.D. McInturff, Russell, J.D. Energy Commerce
Schuetzeberg, Jerome, J.D. Schuetzeberg, Jerome, J.D. Energy Commerce

Business Economics

Name Department
Abrams, Derek, MBA Abrams, Derek, MBA Business Economics
Cardella, Eric, Ph.D. Cardella, Eric, Ph.D. Business Economics
Fitzgerald, Timothy, Ph.D. Fitzgerald, Timothy, Ph.D. Business Economics
Giberson, Michael, Ph.D. Giberson, Michael, Ph.D. Business Economics
Long, Charles Long, Charles Business Economics
Powell, Benjamin Powell, Benjamin Business Economics
Salter, Alexander, Ph.D. Salter, Alexander, Ph.D. Business Economics
Young, Andrew, Ph.D. Young, Andrew, Ph.D. Business Economics

Business Law  

Name Department
Bingham, Charlotte, J.D. Bingham, Charlotte, J.D. Business Law
Payne, Dawn, J.D. Payne, Dawn, J.D. Business Law
Pleasant, Laura Beth, J.D. Pleasant, Laura Beth, J.D. Business Law
Porter, Bill Porter, Bill Business Law
Rodriguez, Ann, J.D. Rodriguez, Ann, J.D. Business Law
Saleh, Ann-Marie, J.D. Business Law