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Applying to TEACH

After more than two years of planning and gathering input from faculty members across Texas Tech and at other universities around the nation, the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center began the TEACH Program in Spring, 2000. With the support of the Graduate School and the advice of the TEACH Program committee, the program has developed into a successful supplement for graduate training and future faculty members.

The TEACH Program, which is modeled after the national Preparing Future Faculty movement, is geared toward Ph.D. students with teaching appointments. The TEACH Program assists graduate students in further developing teaching skills and exploring faculty roles on a college or university campus. Fellows selected for the program are paid a $500 stipend per semester for their active participation. Many departments at Texas Tech offer their TA's excellent opportunities for development and training. The TEACH Program does not replace those programs in any way; rather, it seeks to supplement their efforts. For more information about the goals of the TEACH program, please visit our website at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/tlpdc/Teach_Program/index.php.

The fellowship lasts for one academic year, and program requirements include the completion of at least 18 total hours of workshop attendance over the fall and spring semesters, two videotape consultations and two midterm evaluations, as well as the completion of a teaching portfolio and a curriculum design project. Please note that in order to participate, accepted Fellows must maintain an official teaching appointment at the university for both the Fall and Spring semesters of their participation in the program. For more detailed information regarding the program and its requirements, please click here.

**The deadline for completed applications is Friday, April 14, 2017.**


Application for March- April 2017 cohort has been closed! 

A completed application will include:

      • Completed applicant profile 
      • Curriculum Vitae, must be either Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) documents.
      • Personal Statement, must be either Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) document.
        • Please note that this statement should include: progress toward degree; previous teaching experience; career goals; reasons for interest in the program; and discussion of your experience with having your teaching evaluated and how you responded to such feedback.
  • Two faculty recommendations  by faculty members through the online application system. Identified faculty recommenders will receive an automated email with a link to the online system.
    • Please note that recommenders are asked to respond to specific questions in the form provided; generic letters of reference are not recommended.
    • If faculty recommenders have questions or concerns about the process, they may contact Dr. Allison Boye for more information at 742–0133 or via email at allison.p.boye@ttu.edu.
  • Graduate students speaking English as a second language must submit a copy of the teaching recommendation letter emailed or given to them and their graduate advisors upon completion of the ITA workshop, or other official evidence of language proficiency (such as TOEFL scores, etc.). This documentation should be emailed directly to Dr. Allison Boye (  allison.p.boye@ttu.edu ) or Adam Smith ( adam.smith@ttu.edu ). If applicants have difficulty locating their copy of the letter, they should first ask their graduate advisors for assistance; they may also contact TEACH Program Director Dr. Allison Boye (allison.p.boye@ttu.edu or 742-0133) if they have questions or concerns.
  • Applicants with complete applications will also be invited to participate in one of several group interviews. Participation in the interview process is strongly recommended. 

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