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General Contact Information

Department of Animal and Food Sciences
Texas Tech University
Box 42141
Lubbock, TX 79409-2141
Phone: (806) 742-2805
Fax: (806) 742-4003

Program Contact Phone E-mail or Web site
Undergraduate Program Kayla Rathmann 806-834-2653 kayla.rathmann@ttu.edu
Graduate Program Dr. Leslie Thompson 806-834-8715 leslie.thompson@ttu.edu
International Center For Food Industry Excellence (ICFIE) Dr. Mindy Brashears 806-834-4274 mindy.brashears@ttu.edu
Pork Industry Institute Dr. John McGlone 806-834-8275 john.mcglone@ttu.edu
Texas Tech Equestrian Center      
New Deal Farm - Swine Unit Stanley Harris 806-746-5170  stanley.harris@ttu.edu
New Deal Farm - Beef Unit Nathan Reeves 806-746-5530  nathan.reeves@ttu.edu
New Deal Farm - Feed Mill & Burnett Center Kirk Robinson 806-746-5097  kirk.robinson@ttu.edu
New Deal Farm - Sheep & Goat Center Dr. Sam Jackson 806-834-7185 sam.jackson@ttu.edu
COWamongus! Adrian Rodriguez 806-834-6937 redraider.rodriguez@ttu.edu
Raider Red Meats Tate Corliss 806-834-1610 tate.corliss@ttu.edu 

Animal & Food Sciences