Texas Tech University


Beef Center at the New Deal Farm

The Department of Animal and Food Sciences Beef Cattle Center, located at the Texas Tech University Research Farm, New Deal, TX was built in 1976. The unit consisted of ten pens of various size, allowing for multiple research trials and teaching. The unit's primary research focus was cow/calf management and beef cattle genetics. Teaching involved hands-on labs and demonstrations. In 1998, the Research Center for Receiving Cattle, sponsored by Alltech, Inc., was built to further research in the area of receiving/backgrounding beef cattle.

Burnett Center Feedlot

The Burnett Center is located at the Northeast Lubbock County Field Laboratories, 15 miles north of Lubbock and 6 miles east of the town of New Deal. The feedlot is an important resource to the feedlot industry and provides significant educational benefits to Animal and Food Science students. For more information, visit the Burnett Center website.

Analytical Laboratory

The AFS Analytical Laboratory has a full compliment of analytical equipment for the determination of food and feed composition and quality. Instrumentation includes: gas chromatograph/mass spec (with sniffer port), atomic absorption spectrophotometer, LECO nitrogen analyzer, proximate analysis capabilities, colorimetry, Instron, spectrophotometers, refractometers, water activity meter, viscometers, and HPLC. The Analytical Laboratory has the capability to conduct a wide range of food and feed analysis. Contact Dr. Leslie Thompson for more information.

Food Micro Lab

The Food Microbiology Laboratory is part of International Center for Food Industry Excellence, which is a cooperative program between CASNR and the College of Human Sciences.   For more information, visit the Food Micro website.

Horse Center

For more information, visit the Horse Center website.

Meat Science Lab

For more information, visit the Meat Science website.

University Therapeutic Riding Center

Formed as a coordinated effort between CASNR and University Medical Center, UTRC provides therapeutic horseback riding classes and hippotherapy to over many clients every week. We serve children and adults with all types of physical, mental and emotional disabilities. In our program, our clients see substantial progress. The rhythmic movement of the horse naturally moves the body in a manner similar to the human gait, improving posture, balance and muscle control. Every rider gains self confidence and takes that back into his or her world. For more information, visit the UTRC website.

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