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How To Apply

The Department of Animal and Food Sciences offers the following degree programs:

  • M.S. Thesis - Animal Science: Minimum of 30 hours required, thesis.
  • M.S. Thesis - Food Science: Minimum of 30 hours required, thesis.
  • M.S. Non-thesis* - Animal Science: Minimum of 36 hours required plus an internship
  • Ph.D. degree - Animal Science: Minimum 60** credit hours plus 12 dissertation hours, dissertation
  • Ph.D. degree - Animal Science with emphasis in Exercise Physiology: (Collaborative Program with Department of Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences) Minimum 60** credit hours plus 12 dissertation hours, dissertation.

*Non-thesis degrees are terminal degrees. Students completing non-thesis degrees are not eligible for doctoral work.
**Up to 30 credit hours (exclusive of thesis hours and seminar hours) from the MS degree can be used toward the 60-credit hour requirement at the discretion of the student’s graduate advisory committee and the departmental graduate coordinator or department chairman.


Domestic students: March 1 (Summer Semester), April 15 (Fall Semester), October 1 (Spring Semester.

International students: January 15 (Summer and Fall semesters), June 15 (Spring Semester).

The deadlines for international students are set by the Graduate School.

For Texas Tech University Graduate School requirements, please go to their Website.

The Department of Animal and Food Sciences requirements are:

  1. GRE Test. The department expects applicants to have a combined verbal and quantitative score of 297 (new testing method) or 1000 (old testing method) and a writing score of 3.5 or higher although TTU has a holistic admissions policy that evaluates candidates on many factors and not just GRE scores, GPA, or any other factor.
  2. Statement of short- and long-term goals.
  3. CV/Resume.
  4. Three letters of recommendation.
  5. Department Fact Sheet.

Items 2-4 above should be sent to either Dr. Leslie Thompson or Sandra Gellner.

Dr. Leslie Thompson, Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Animal and Food Sciences
Texas Tech University, Box 42141, Lubbock, TX 79409
leslie.thompson@ttu.edu (806)834-0608

Sandra Gellner
sandra.gellner@ttu.edu (806)742-2805, ext. 221
Fax: (806)742-0898

Students interested in the Ph.D. degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology should also contact:

Dr. Jacalyn McComb
Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas 79409-3011
jacalyn.mccomb@ttu.edu (806)834-6306

Review of Your Application Materials

Once the Graduate School received the application, transcripts and official GRE scores (and TOFEL scores for international students) AND the Department receives the fact sheet, the applicant's resume/CV, statement of short- and long-term goals, and three (3) letters of recommendation, then the applicant's information is reviewed by the Department's Graduate Committee. If your application is found acceptable, the application package will be further reviewed by faculty in your indicated area of interest. The Admissions Decision Worksheet will be sent back to Graduate Admissions with our decision, and you will be notified by the Department as to the decision made, whether you are accepted or not.

Scholarship Information

The Graduate School offers numerous scholarship opportunities. Information can be found on their website.

Helpful Hint

Our faculty usually will not accept a graduate student who applies but has not contacted them directly. We highly recommend you look at the Department's website, click on "People" and then under Faculty, animal science or food science, to review their areas of expertise. Contact information can also be found there.


Animal & Food Sciences