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Animal Science Concentrations

Science Concentration
2020-21 Science, Pre-Vet, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Med, Pre-Pharmacy, & Pre-Physician's Assistant Printable Degree Sheets
The Science Concentration is the most rigorous concentration in terms of chemistry and other lab sciences. This concentration is designed to best prepare students for graduate school and serves as the core concentration for all the pre-professional options students can choose within the department. If students desire to major in Animal Science and also complete the prerequisites for a professional school, they need to work with their advisor to develop an academic plan that will allow them to complete the Animal Science degree and meet professional school requirements without taking additional classes beyond the required 120 hours. Currently, students in the department are using this concentration as preparation for the following professional schools as well as others not listed (Ex: Medical, Veterinary, Dental, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Physician Assistant) 

Animal Production Concentration
2020-21 Production & Pre-Nursing Printable Degree Sheets
This concentration is less rigorous in terms of the number and difficulty of chemistry courses. It also contains more elective hours and gives students more flexibility to explore and take classes that are not part of the required degree plan. This concentration is designed to prepare students for a multitude of jobs in the livestock industry. It is also is the core concentration used for students to complete the prerequisites for nursing school. Advisors will assist students to ensure that these prerequisites are met within the 120-hour framework of this concentration.

Animal Business Concentration  
2020-21 Business Printable Degree Sheet
The Animal Business Concentration appeals to students who have a passion for the animal industry but want to diversify the degree by adding business and economics courses. A minor in Agribusiness Management is easily attainable with this option. This is a terminal science degree. Most students who want to continue their education beyond this option pursue a master's in agribusiness, finance, business administration, agricultural economics, or agricultural communications.

Equine Science Concentration 
2020-21 Equine Science Printable Degree Sheet
This concentration is very similar to the Science Concentration. The primary difference is that equine focused courses are required in this concentration. This concentration prepares students for the equine industry with a focus on science. This is the concentration to choose if graduate school with horses as the emphasis is the desired educational path.

Equine Production Concentration 
2020-21 Equine Production Printable Degree Sheet
This concentration is similar to Animal Production Concentration, but it emphasizes the horse. Specific equine courses are required in this concentration that prepare students to take jobs and be proficient in equine production, management, evaluation, training and marketing.

Equine Assisted Therapy Concentration 
2020-21 Equine Assisted Therapy Printable Degree Sheet
This specialized concentration is designed to educate and prepare students to enter the equine therapy industry. Students can obtain certification in equine therapy and handicapped rehabilitation. This concentration is not focused on therapy for the horse. Rather, it educates and provides hands on experience for using the horse as a tool to impact the therapy and rehabilitation of people with mental or physical limitations.

Meat Science Concentration 
2020-21 Meat Science  Printable Degree Sheet
This concentration provides a strong animal science base of knowledge while emphasizing the production of the primary animal end-product of meat. Students with this concentration are uniquely trained to enter the meat Industry and become involved in production of meat products and management of meat production facilities. Graduate studies in the area of Meat Science can easily follow this undergraduate concentration.

Companion Animal Science Concentration 
2020-21 Companion Animal Science Printable Degree Sheet
This concentration prepares students for careers in the companion animal industry. This concentration emphasizes the nutrition, training and behavior of companion animals.

Companion Animal Science Pre-Vet Concentration 
2020-21 Companion Animal Pre-Vet Printable Degree Sheet
This concentration is designed for students who wish to attend Veterinary School and choose an emphasis on Vet care of companion animals. Curriculum will allow students to acquire companion animal training while completing the prerequisite requirements for verterinary school.

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