Texas Tech University

Food Science Minor



  1. All prerequisites must be met prior to taking each course.
  2. A grade of “C” or higher is required in each course.
  3. The maximum number of transfer hours in any minor is nine (9).
  4. A student may not minor within his/her department.
  5. Courses in a major, but outside a student's department, may be used in a minor.
  6. Minors will consist of a minimum of 18 hours.
  7. At least nine (9) hours in a minor must consist of upper division courses.

Required Courses (9 hours):

  • FDSC 2300, Principles of Food Technology
  • FDSC 2302, Elementary Analysis of Foods
  • FDSC 3303, Food Sanitation, or FDSC 3309, Food Safety

Electives (9 hours):

Select nine (9) hours from the following:

  • FDSC 3301, Food Microbiology
  • FDSC 3302, Advanced Food Analysis
  • FDSC 3304, Fruit and Vegetable Processing
  • FDSC 3305, Food Engineering
  • FDSC 4001, Food Science Problems
  • FDSC 4303, Food Chemistry
  • FDSC 4304, Field Studies in Food Processing and Handling
  • FDSC 4306, Dairy Products Manufacturing
  • FDSC 4307, Poultry Processing or Products

Intent to Minor Form


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