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Equine-Assisted Counseling and Wellness Lab


The Equine-Assisted Counseling and Wellness Lab, directed by Dr. Katy Schroeder, broadly explores human-animal interactions, with a special focus on human-equine relationships and equine-assisted interventions in counseling settings. Our primary research aims to (1) investigate dimensions of the human-equine relational bond, (2) assess how human-equine interactions improve human health and wellness across the lifespan, and (3) determine what characteristics, traits, and behaviors make horses suitable therapy animals.

The EACW lab also provides specialized educational opportunities for students who wish to seek occupational training, or research experience, in the field of equine-assisted activities and therapies. Another major component of the EACW lab is to provide community-based, science-informed Equine-Assisted Mental Health (EAMH) outpatient clinical services. To this end, we have an in-house training clinic located at the Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding and Therapy Center.


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