Reconciles transactions feeding from the student to the finance system

As students enroll for classes, charges, expenses, payments and refunds post on their accounts. These transactions feed into the Banner financial system as F (feed) documents based on the detail code. It is our job to ensure that the transactions post as expected in the financial system.

Hundreds of student transactions may feed in one F document. Reports exist in COGNOS for pulling information about which students are included in that document. These are located in the TTU Accounts Receivable folder.

  • AR001 is for finding transactions that hit a revenue FOP.
  • AR002 is for finding transactions that hit an expense FOP.

Transactions for the fall semester that post on student accounts prior to September 1 will feed to unearned revenue or prepaid expense. After the new fiscal year begins, an automatic program moves all of those transactions to the appropriate revenue or expense FOPs.

  • The automatic documents will have an AC prefix.
  • The F document will be referenced in the document reference number field.
  • The detail code will be shown in the transaction description field.
  • To find the students for these transactions, run the AR001 or AR002 report using the F document number and the detail code.