Texas Tech University


The Accounts Receivable department provides the following services to our campus community:

Credit Card Operations:

  • Oversees requests and set up of all credit card merchant accounts on campus
  • Ensures compliance of campus merchants with PCI Standards
  • Facilitates and maintains Credit Card Operations training
  • Establishes and maintains procedures for credit card usage

Financial Reconciliations:

  • Reconciles all student accounts receivable accounts
  • Reconciles all Texas Tech cash deposit and disbursement bank accounts
  • Tracks and records all incoming wire transfers and ACH transactions
  • Reconciles unclaimed property accounts, performs due diligence and remits unclaimed property to the State of Texas
  • Maintains and reconciles Positive Pay
  • Reconciles all University revenue deposit clearing accounts
  • Reconciles and charges out departmental credit card fees

University Deposits:

  • Receives, processes and verifies all TTU deposits in which funds are deposited into a Texas Tech bank account
  • Enters all cash receipts that are recorded against a Texas Tech bank account into the financial system
  • Processes all cancelled checks
  • Maintains and reconciles all petty cash and change funds
  • Maintains and reconciles all cash advance funds


Cash and Credit Management Services