Texas Tech University

Strategic Objectives


The Department of Chemical Engineering will be globally renown for our excellence in engineering, discovery and innovation.

We continue our path to be in the top 25 Chemical Engineering Departments in the Nation.


The Department of Chemical Engineering educates, conducts pioneering research, and disseminates chemical engineering knowledge and innovation through internationally recognized programs for the benefit of society.

Strategic Plan

  1. Increase Enrollment and Promote Student Success: We will grow and diversify our student populations and produce graduates that are well-equipped to succeed in an engineering career, advanced studies, and other professional paths, including careers in research and development for our graduate students. Our approach is to transform lives, one student at a time.
  2. Strengthen Academic Quality and Reputation: We will attract and retain the best faculty in the country; promote excellence in teaching, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and service; and strive to be recognized as one of the top research and graduate departments in the world.
  3. Expand and Enhance Research and Creative Scholarship: We will increase funded research and scholarship.
  4. Further Outreach and Engagement: We will promote higher education, outreach to K-12 students, and engagement of our undergraduates in research, service, and entrepreneurship.
  5. Increase and Maximize Resources: We will work to increase funding for scholarships, professorships, and world-class facilities.

Chemical Engineering