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Department of Chemical Engineering Overview

Chemical engineering is an exciting and challenging profession that combines the principles of chemistry, physics, biology, and math with the discipline of engineering to solve modern technological problems and to be of effective service to society. For example, as a chemical engineer, you can work on enabling clean water solutions, designing advanced processes to deliver medical treatment, designing and optimizing processes for the manufacturing of chemicals, food, and advanced materials, among others. Chemical engineers participate in the continual development of new processes and new products that form the basis of much of the manufacturing segment of the global economy.

The Department of Chemical Engineering provides broad−based programs resulting in B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees.

The Undergraduate Ch.E. Program at Texas Tech University prepares students for a profession in chemical engineering. Chemical engineers at Texas Tech are trained to transform the world with socially responsible solutions to global problems. Our undergraduate students in the Chemical Engineering Department are provided unique experiences and opportunities such as:

  • Hands-on-learning experience in a pilot plant facility (Morrow Energy Pilot Plant) as used in  industry to design processes, refine design and scale production, optimize operating conditions, and test new ideas and products
  • Access to state-of-the-art laboratories (Valero Lab) to test ideas and theories at the bench scale before they are scale to pilot
  • Strong ties to industry and unique Alumni Mentoring Program that serves students of all levels and provides opportunities for our students to connect with industry leaders
  • Preparation in entrepreneurship with unique curriculum and experiences targeted to chemical engineers
  • Suite of opportunities for our students to become global thinkers, e.g., our students work alongside world renowned faculty and graduate students to work on groundbreaking research to solve major problems in the world

The Graduate Ch.E. Program at TTU introduces students to the excitement of world−class research in Bioengineering and Nanomedicine, Soft Matter and Nanotechnology, Energy and Sustainability, Computational Modeling and Data Science, and Electrochemical Engineering. Our laboratory facilities support innovative experimental programs and our computational resources are exploited for state-of-the-art modeling activities.

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