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Chemical Engineering Seminar Series

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Fall 2023


Date Time Location Photo Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
11/3 3:00PM Livermore 101 Muldoon John Muldoon Toyota Research Institute of North America

An Odyssey Through the Uncharted Waters of Post Lithium-Ion Batteries



Date Time Location Photo Speaker Affiliaton Seminar Title
10/27 3:00PM Livermore 101 Pappas Dimitri Pappas Texas Tech University

Functional Nanoparticles from Proteins: Development of Affinity Carbon Dots for
Protein Mimicking, Cell Trafficking, and Super-Resolution Imaging


10/30 3:00PM Livermore 101 Godbole Rutvik Godbole Equipment Productivity Group Intel

Application and Efficiency: Bridge between Industry and Academia

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Date Time Location Photo Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
9/22 3:00PM Livermore 101 Zhang
Qi Zhang University of Minnesota

Systems Analyses of Green Ammonia as a Sustainable Energy Carrier

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9/1 3:00PM Livermore 101 Heather Coats Heather Coats Texas Tech University
Eadingray etweenbay hetay afetysay ineslay
(Reading Between the Safety Lines)

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