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Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • FE Exam: The FE exam is encouraged for students who will be practicing engineers. CHE 4322 will help you prepare for the exam. Students are encouraged to take the exam in the fall.
  • Students must have 59 hours of chemical engineering credits plus IE 2324 and ENGR 2392. Missing hours can be made up with ChE 4121 or ChE electives.
  • Pre−Requisites: It is a student's responsibility to know all pre−requisites for any courses requested. They are listed in the University Catalog. The Banner system is supposed to prevent a student from registering without the required pre−requisites. In some cases, the system will fail to do so. If you register for a course for which you do not have the required pre−requisites, you may be dropped from that course at any time. A grade of 'D' does not satisfy any pre−requisites in the Edward E. Whitacre College of Engineering. It is your responsibility to make up such grades at the earliest opportunity.
  • Credit−Hour Limit for Summer Courses: If you are prevented from registering for desired summer courses due to a credit−hour limit, you will need permission from the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies to take more than the maximum number of hours.
  • "No Registration Time Ticket": See your advisor if you get this message. Your expected date of graduation will probably need to be corrected by the Engineering Dean's Office.
  • When can I register?: See the Advising & Registration web page for more information.
  • Degree Audits: You may now see your degree audit (non−official) on Raiderlink.
  • Catalog for Graduation: You may graduate under one of two catalogs: (1)the catalog in effect the year you started in chemical engineering or (2)the catalog in effect at the time you graduate. The catalog year under which you wish to graduate must be specified in your Intent to Graduate Form. This form must be submitted at least one year before graduation.
  • Intent to Graduate form: This form can be filled out in your MyTech account - find "Graduation Application" under "Current Term." The form is due at least one year before graduation. If you are not able to submit online, a hard copy should be completed and turned in to the Engineering Dean's Office.
  • Computer to Purchase: A laptop workstation with at least 8GB DDR4 RAM (16GB preferred), a 512GB SSD and dedicated NVIDIA Quadro GPU. Mac is not recommended and should not be considered because most engineering software is Windows based. For more information, refer to our computer recommendations webpage.

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