Texas Tech University

Graduate Student Profile

Please be aware that admission to the Texas Tech University Graduate School is competitive, and procuring financial support is even more so. For many, the paying the application fees and completing the application are considerable costs. We cannot waive the application fees or official document criteria. Neither can we preview your potential for admission and financial support. However, in an effort to facilitate your decision to apply to the graduate school, we have provided the information listed below.

  • Of the approximately 150 completed applications we receive each year, 15 Ph.D. students matriculate.
  • Of those 15 students, all are offered teaching or research assistantships or fellowships.
  • A general profile of our current graduate students:
    • Graduated in the upper 5% of their undergraduate class
    • B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Chemistry, Other Science or Engineering
    • Outstanding GRE* Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Scores
    • Outstanding TOEFL* Scores
    • Previous industrial experience (< 3 years)
    • Previous research experience (demonstrated publications, conference proceedings)

*The guidelines for "outstanding" GRE and TOEFL scores are set by the department and NOT the graduate school.

We expect our graduate students to be professionals in our effort to develop technology and build internationally recognized programs. Therefore, as important as your demonstrated technical abilities on tests are, personal qualities such as project dedication, creativity, interpersonal skills, self-direction, communication skills, and complimentary professional experience are also very important when we consider applicants for funding. We use the "picture" you present to us in your statement of purpose and letters of reference in evaluating those personal qualities.

Chemical Engineering