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AVESTA: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The AdVanced Empirical Software Testing & Analysis (AVESTA) group is very motivated and active in research and publications. The AVESTA group always welcomes researchers in academia and industry as well as students.

Research Collaboration with Academia and Industry

  • What research areas are of your interests?
    Program Analysis, Empirical Software Agents, Software Testing, and many others. Please refer to the research page for more information.

Current & Prospective Students

  • Do I need to be a thesis, project, or report option student in order to join the AVESTA group?
    There are several research topics that fit into thesis, project, and report options. You may contact us to discuss the best research topic that fits your degree plan.
  • Do I need to send you my résumé and transcripts?
    Please do not send us your résumé and transcripts, since it is unlikely that we will have time to reply. You may check with the Graduate School to check whether you have satisfied all of the requirements. Upon applying to our program, you may inform me about your decision and I may look into your application. Please do not contact me if you do not have tendency to join Texas Tech University.
  • What are the criteria to accomplish an accepted thesis?
    You are required to conduct research, publish your work in premier conferences, and write & defend your thesis. The outcome of your thesis will be published in premier conferences.
  • What types of research topics should I expect?
    Depending on your skills and interest, you may choose to conduct empirical work, theoretical work, or implementation and developing useful software tools.

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