Texas Tech University

Autumn's Dawn NICE Laboratory: FAQ

About how much time will be devoting in order to participate in the project?
This depends on the project and your agreeing to participate, but most studies will be between 60 and 75 minutes for each session, and each session is held on just one (or sometimes two) given days. The studies may involve anything from paper and pencil tests of mental strengths and weaknesses, to tests of virtual reality (simulations), to time spent inside a brain scanner taking pictures of the brain while doing various types of mental tasks.

Will it take place this summer, or will it last into the school year?
Again, depending on the study/project: some may begin as early as the end of this summer while others will be conducted throughout the school year. At no time, however, will we ask your child to miss school or other activities. All appointments for participation will be at your convenience.

Will we be informed of the information gained from the testing related to our daughter?
Because of rules of confidentiality, we are not at liberty to disclose data specific to a given child, however, we would take the time to inform (or debrief) you of group performance of which your daughter would have been a participant.

Will we be informed of the results of the project once it is complete?
Invariably our projects result in some form of conference presentation and/or journal publications from the data collected, and sometimes community lectures on the results of a given project are presented by the various investigators. We will strive to provide you with copies of (and aware of) the former when possible, or certainly will verbally report on the outcomes of various projects in which your daughter has participated upon request.