Texas Tech University

Microwave Laboratory


Research in the microwave laboratory in general deals with high frequency applied electromagnetics. The following research areas are of particular interest:

  1. Design of antennas and antenna arrays for wireless communications, nondestructive testing, and medical applications.
  2. Radio frequency / microwave circuit design.
  3. Computational electromagnetics to develop software tools for simulation and analysis of high frequency structures. Specific methods of interest are the method of moments and the Finite-Difference Time−Domain technique.
  4. Material Characterization and nondestructive testing using microwave frequencies.
  5. Near−field microwave imaging.

The microwave laboratory is equipped with modern microwave measurement equipment and state of the art software tools. It has two microwave network analyzers and a near−field xy−scanner that was built in−house for near−field antenna measurements and microwave imaging research. The commercial software tools available in the laboratory are Ansoft high frequency products (HFSS and Designer) and signal integrity products.