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Human Development and Family Studies

Faculty Profile

Dr. Sybil Hart
Sybil Hart, Ph.D.
Human Development and Family Studies
College of Human Sciences
(806)834-7231 - Room 284

Tufts University, 1995

Professor, Human Development and Family Studies


I specialize in development during infancy and early childhood and conduct research in two general areas. The first pertains to the emergence of jealousy. These studies explore factors that underlie the ontogenesis of sensitivity to exclusivity as well as those responsible for individual differences in jealousy’s presentation and differentiation along typical and atypical trajectories. The second pertains to the breastfeeding dyad. These entail multidisciplinary approaches involving teams of researchers from TTU and TTUHSC toward understanding and enhancing health and cognitive benefits for the breastfed infant during the first year of life.

Recent Publications:

Hart, S. L. & Legerstee, M. (Eds.) Handbook of Jealousy: Theories, Principles and Multidisciplinary Approaches. Wiley-Blackwell.

Hart, S. L., Jackson, S. & Boylan, L. M. (In press). Compromised weight gain, milk intake, and feeding behavior in breastfed infants of depressive mothers. Journal of Pediatric Psychology.