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Human Development and Family Studies

Faculty Profile

Dr. Sybil Hart
Sybil Hart, Ph.D.
Human Development and Family Studies
College of Human Sciences
(806)834-7231 - Room 284

Tufts University, 1995

Professor, Human Development and Family Studies


Dr. Hart focuses on psycho-social development in infants and young children in the context of their relationships with parents and siblings. Her current research aims to apply her previous findings on infant jealousy toward developing methodology for helping parents and firstborn toddlers prepare for the arrival of a newborn baby sibling. Her goal is to address the age-old problem of sibling rivalry by promoting a smooth transition, hoping that this will serve as a basis for helping sibling relationships off to a good start and preventing sibling rivalry. Along with faculty in the department of Nutrition and the Pediatrics unit at the TTUHSC, Dr. Hart is also working on projects with premature infants and their families. .

Recent Publications:

Jealousy in Infants: Laboratory Research on Differential Treatment. Springer. 2015.

Hart, S. L. & Behrens, K. Y. (2013). Regulation of jealousy protest in the context of reunion following differential treatment. Infancy, 18, 1076 – 1110.

Hart, S. L. & Behrens, K. Y. (2013). Affective and behavioral features of jealousy protest: Associations with child temperament, maternal interaction style, and attachment. Infancy, 18, 369-399.  

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