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Human Development and Family Studies

Faculty Profile

Dr. Michael E. McCarty
Michael E. McCarty, Ph.D.
Human Development and Family Studies
(806)834-8164 - Office 504

Vanderbilt University, 1994

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies


I study cognitive, perceptual, and motor development primarily in infants and young children. My research interests can be organized into three general areas of inquiry, and different research projects focus on assorted dimensions within each of these areas.

  • Future-oriented activities
    Anticipation: eye movements and reaching
    Links to maternal nutrition and infant intelligence
    Preparation to grasp an object
    Planning: tool use
    Infancy: Ontogeny of tool use
    Children and adults: How are tools represented in the brain?
    The effects of a goal on one's actions
    Reaching among adults and infants
  • Object Representations
    Multiple representations of an object: reaching
    Searching for displaced objects
    Is Knowledge modular?
  • Mediators of development
    Nutrition, parental cognitions, SES, parental emotions

Recent Publications:

McCarty, M. E., & Keen, R. (2005). Facilitating problem solving performance among 9- and 12-month-old infants. Journal of Cognition and Development, 6, 209-230.

Johnson-Frey, S. H., McCarty, M. E., & Keen, R. (2004). Reaching beyond spatial perception: Effects of intended future actions on visually-guided prehension. Visual Cognition, 11, 371 - 399.

Claxton, L.J., Keen, R., and McCarty, M.E. (2003). Evidence of motor planning in infant reaching behavior. Psychological Science, 14, 354-356.