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Human Development and Family Studies

Faculty Profile

Dr. Jean Pearson Scott
Jean Pearson Scott, Ph.D.
Human Development and Family Studies
(806)834-6589 - Office 507-G

University of N. Carolina-Greensboro, 1979

Professor, Human Development and Family Studies

Department Chairperson


Physical,psychological, and social factors associated with the aging process with particular attention to family and friend support networks of older adults. Rural elderly, widowhood, coping strategies of families, caregivers, older women; sibling interaction, end-of-life decision-making.

Recent Publications:

Scott, J.P., & Dotts, T. (in revision). Family caregiving in later life: Coping and spirituality.

Stelle, C., & Scott, J.P. (in press). Alcohol abuse by older family members: A family systems analysis of assessment and intervention. Special Issue, Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly.

Lacey, R.S., Reifman, A., Scott, J.P., Harris, S., & Fitzpatrick, J. (2004). Sexual-moral attitudes, love styles, and mate selection. The Journal of Sex Research, 41, 121-128.

Scott, J.P., Reifman, A., Mulsow, M., & Feng, D. (2003). Program evaluation of “Young At Heart”: Examining elderly volunteers’ generativity. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 25-33.

Scott, J.P. (2001). The care of rural elderly. In L.K. Olson (Ed.), Through ethnic lenses: Caring for the elderly in our multicultural society (pp. 242-250) Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.