Texas Tech University

Mother-Friendly Workplace


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Being a new mother should not mean you have to choose between doing what is best for your baby, and doing a good job at work. At Texas Tech, you can integrate those two goals. Texas Tech University has created an environment that both encourages and supports your efforts in continuing to breastfeed while you are on campus and away from your child. Our nursing support services include:

  • Nursing Mother Rooms
    Texas Tech has renovated five rooms across campus to create a safe, quiet and private place to express milk during work hours. Rooms are available to all nursing mothers who are Texas Tech employees or students.
  • Breast Pumps
    Safe, efficient, and sanitary hospital-grade electric pumps are located in each nursing room. However, you will need to bring your own breast milk collection kit. You can get a kit at either UMC or Covenant Health System when you deliver. Be sure to ask for a Medela hospital grade pump kit. If you are unable to obtain a kit from the hospital, you can purchase one at South Plains Medical Supply at a 10% discount with a Texas Tech ID.
  • Support
    To help you reach your personal goals for feeding your baby after returning to work.

Reserving a Room

If you would like to reserve a time to use the nursing room, you must first complete a short nursing pump training video covering how to use the Medela breast pump. You may then contact Human Resources Leave Administration to reserve a room, date and time.