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We can tailor any listed training to meet your needs in a one to two hour format. Each is free of charge (except True Colors® which requires a small booklet fee.)

Building Cohesive and High Performing Teams

Survival Guide for Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are, well, difficult. Many avoid them at all costs. But just because we don't like them doesn't mean we should run from them. Avoiding difficult conversations can make the situation worse. Let us take you on a journey that will empower you to look at difficult conversations in a whole new light. Practice makes perfect so role play can be a part of the program if you dare to be brave!

    • Build a foundation before the difficult conversation takes place.
    • Develop a new mindset when approaching difficult situations.
    • Explore the 3 elements that comprise a difficult conversation.
    • Prepare you to enter the discussion with confidence.

#TeamTalk: Starting Conversations about What Matters Most

Have you ever been part of a team that lacked true purpose, cohesion, and high performance? Texas Tech Talent Development can help. We will work with your team to help you identify a unified set of standards that can drive your team to perform and unite.

    • Provide clarity on your team member's personal values.
    • Create a personalized set of team standards that all members buy-into.
    • Create your own team brand by identifying what makes your work distinct.
    • Clarify your value-offering that has the unique fingerprint of your team's talents.
    • Identify what motivates and drives your members so they can operate at their best.

Communication Styles

How many people wake up every morning with the intention of jumping on someone else's last nerve? Not many, right? But isn't that how it feels some days? You want to be successful, but there's that one person who you just can't see eye to eye with. You try to communicate, but the conversation always seems to go nowhere. Don't throw in the towel! We're here to help! Learning occurs in a fun, interactive, communicative atmosphere.

    • Identify your communication style and discover details about all four styles.
    • Learn how to "flex" your style to communicate more effectively with others.
    • Understand why communication is so important in the workplace.
    • Discuss the implications of ineffective communication.
    • Learn to identify each style in your own workplace.

Improving Life and Self-Management Skills

Finding Your Purpose

Imagine waking up every day with a sense of purpose and direction for your life. We want to help make it happen. Come join us as we dive into what drives you and your relationships.

    • Discover what's important to you and how it's shaped who you are.
    • Reflect on practical and personal questions that get to the heart of what matters.
    • Walk away with clarity about how your life purpose impacts your everyday.
    • Dig into how your purpose integrates with where your life is—wherever you are.
    • Identify what you value most—not what you "should" be doing.
    • Turn setbacks into opportunities to discover or refocus your life purpose.

Energizer 2.0

We believe people are at their best when they're full of life and energy. Our training provides easy steps to evaluate your energy level and provide the right fuel for a healthy work and life.

    • Learn how physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy work together.
    • Discover small 15 minutes changes to dramatically increase your energy.
    • Make the most out of your day by batching your activities with designated breaks.
    • Rejuvenate the mind to help with anxiety, stress, and lack of focus.

Lucidity: Managing Life with Simplicity (Time Management)

Have you ever felt like there's not enough time in the day for all you have to do at work and home? There's hope. Our course will address common issues in time management like:

    • Handling distractions like a super ninja.
    • Saying "no" with grace and without guilt.
    • Designing a personalized time management system that fits your lifestyle.
    • Learning the best tech hacks for delegating your work.

Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever heard the term "Emotional Intelligence" or EQ? Did you know that EQ can be just as important as IQ? Emotional intelligence involves self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Do you know how you are managing them? During this training we will focus on:

    • Understanding the difference between Emotional Intelligence, IQ and personality.
    • Learn how to actively improve your own EQ.
    • How EQ can reduce your stress, improve your people skills, and help you get that promotion faster.

I'm a Leader, Now What?

Leadership 101

Many people find themselves promoted to a leadership role with little to no guidance on how to actually lead. In this session we will:

    • Think through your values as a leader.
    • Discuss the importance of effective communication.
    • Develop a list of expectations for those you lead.
    • Create your leadership mission statement.

Servant First Leadership

Become the leader you always dreamed of being by developing a servant mindset. We'll help you cultivate a mindset of leading from your values, principles, and transform the teams around you.

    • Learn the basic principles of servant leadership.
    • Lead change within your team by serving them first. We'll show you how.
    • Learn practical steps to apply servant leadership in your work.
    • Be inspired to become the best leader you've always wanted to be.

Contextual Leadership: How to Respond Like a Pro

How do you develop team members in their job? We'll teach you how to coach your team through their own developmental process and help them achieve mastery.

    • Develop a leadership skill that will help your team perform better.
    • Delegate with confidence by developing your team with intentionality.
    • Take monkeys off your back by coaching your team to replace yourself and give yourself some headspace.
    • Learn tools that will help you properly assess and develop your team.

Mentor Leadership: How to Transform a Life

Our mentor leadership training provides the essential tools for new mentors and leaders to feel confident, prepared, and empowered to impact others in meaningful ways. Participants will create their vision of successful mentoring with tips from the best research available. Our training equips your team to:

    • Break the ice in new mentor relationships.
    • Clarify personal values that translate into transformative partnerships.
    • Create healthy and realistic expectations.
    • Coach to effectively challenge and support mentees.
    • Mentor a narcissist, perfectionist, or know-it-all like a pro.
    • Learn the 24x3 rule and how to use it.
    • Fill their emotional bucket and help others to do the same.
    • Solve problems with a single crayon.


True Colors® is an easy to understand, easy to remember temperament/personality model that helps people of all ages increase their personal performance. The use of our model will help increase understanding of yourself and others as well as improve communication. True Colors® also helps create a spirit of collaboration, cooperation and synergy. (Minimal fee per participant to cover cost of the True Colors booklets used in class and given to each participant for future reference.)


Need a little spark in your workplace? Let us mix things up and bring some energy back to your department by facilitating a fun team builder. Would you like to build a marshmallow mountain? Figure out Einstein's riddle? Put your brains together to determine what it takes to survive a shipwreck? Or maybe a Who Dun It game is more your speed. Whatever the case, we have multiple options to fit just want your team needs.


Need some staff development in your own backyard? How about a book discussion? We are happy to facilitate on the following books:

For managers:

  • Nine Minutes on Monday
  • The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • The Way of the Shepherd
  • Leaders Eat Last

For a general audience:

  • Unlikely Teachers
  • Fierce Conversations
  • Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

We are also available to facilitate other book selections given a month's notice. *Books need to be provided by the department.


Having a staff retreat and need a speaker? We're here for you! A variety of topics are available. For an appointment to discuss options, give us a call at 806-742-0530 or email us at hr.talentdevelopment@ttu.edu