Texas Tech University

Position Management


Human Resources Compensation & Operations develops, coordinates, and advises university administration and staff on activities associated with competitive pay, job classification, and employment changes. In partnership with departmental administrators and managers, our staff determines the university's staff compensation needs and develops strategies to address and fulfill those needs.

Create or Reclassify an Existing Position

A step by step guide to creating or reclassifying a position. More...

Pay Plan Information

Pay for positions at Texas Tech is based on the university's pay plan. More...


Use the Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) to make status changes such as hire, begin and end jobs, increase/decrease pay, transfer, etc. More...

Use the Employee One-Time Payment System (EOPS) to request a one-time payment that will not recur more than two times in a semester. Examples: lump-sum payment, moving expense, special augmentation military pay, cost of living differential.

Summer Instructions

9 month faculty who had Spring appointments (including faculty that have opted to defer their 9 month pay over 12 months) and will be teaching or doing research for the summer.

Graduate students who had spring appointments as 9 month GPTIs/TAs and will be teaching or doing research in the summer. 

Spring RAs or GAs who will work summer jobs on campus, Spring RA/GA's who are not working on campus, and Spring GPTI/TA/RA/GA's who are not enrolled in summer graduate school, but will work summer jobs on campus.