Texas Tech University

Human Development & Family Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood

Certification to teach and provide care for children from infancy to 6th grade

You have unique opportunities at Texas Tech in Early Childhood!

Innovative teaching opportunities abound during on-site field experiences at two nationally accredited early childhood programs serving infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and families from diverse backgrounds.

Early Childhood Majors:

  • Learn to educate young children from a developmental perspective based on the latest research on brain development, diverse families, and children with individual needs. 
  • Apply their skills in TechTeach, a field-based, competency-based curriculum that features a full year of student teaching.
  • Prepare to take teaching certification exams in Texas to become a certified Early Childhood through Sixth Grade teacher.

Early Childhood Courses with Award-Winning Faculty:

  • Supervised Experiences with Infants and Toddlers
  • Supervised Experiences with Young Children
  • Prenatal and Infant Development
  • Development During Childhood
  • Child and Adolescent Guidance
  • Development in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Theories of Human Development and Family Studies